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Two pirate clans log wood on Albiele Island, both for ship building and also for more common purposes such as firewood and joinery.

[top]The Ravager?s Logging Camp

This location is shown on Albiele Island Map. It is a logging camp, the headquarters of the Aerele Ravagers clan?s operations. The camp consists of five wooden buildings arranged in a rough circle atop a small hill, at the western base of which the Ravagers are steadily cutting into the Albiele Woods. Two of the buildings are quite large and serve as living quarters for the many (almost one hundred) clan members who live and work here. The other buildings are: a kitchen/food storage/communal eating area; accommodation for the clan?s captains; and an equipment storage building.
Logged trees are dragged to an area at the base of the northern side of the hill where they are cut and smoothed before being sold on site or transported to Albiele Town. In two years of operation, they have cleared an impressive area and are certainly not slowing down. Showing unusual wisdom, the Ravagers have invested a fair amount of time reseeding most of the ground they have cleared, to help ensure that their new found source of wealth does not eventually vanish.
The Ravagers have lately had problems with a number of the woods less than peaceful denizens attacking loggers and even raiding their base camp, destroying food and supplies before vanishing back into the green depths of the Albiele Woods. A tribe of kobolds has been responsible for most of the attacks, but some of the clan members working in the woods have seen fellow workers attacked by huge spiders that seemed to be led by a hairy, hunched creature with long, thin arms and legs (an ettercap). Unfortunately, even Storm?s Rage, when he has been present, has been unable to effectively protect the clan from these attacks as his magical abilities lie elsewhere.
The clan?s captains are getting fed up with the continual attacks and as they are not willing to risk their own clan members, they have begun advertising for ?brave souls to rid Albiele Wood of some of its foul inhabitants?. They are offering 500 gp for the head of the creature who leads the huge spiders as well as proof that the kobolds have been wiped out (or at least severely reduced in numbers).
The Ravager?s rivals in the logging industry, the Sea Lords have not suffered so much as a single attack and this is making the Ravager?s more than a little suspicious as to the reason behind the attacks on their camp (see 30, below, for more details on this).
Aerele Ravagers Member, Human Sailor (80): AC 6 (scale mail); MV 12; F1; hp 6 each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8 (broadsword) or 1-4 (dagger); SZ M (5?-6½? tall); ML Average (10); Int Average (8-10); AL LN, LE, CE and CN; XP 15 each; MM 196.
Aerele Ravagers Member, Human Sailor (15): AC 5 (chain mail); MV 12; F2; hp 13 each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 (longsword) or 2-7 (light quarrel) or 1-4 (dagger); SZ M (5?-6½? tall); ML Steady (12); AL LN and LE; XP 35 each; MM 196.
Each of the above clan members usually carries 2-12 sp when not tree cutting. Most have more than this safely stashed away in their quarters at camp.
Wild Onwen, Human (Anuirean): AC 6 (studded leather armour and Dex/Bal bonus); MV 12; F3; hp 23; THAC0 18; #AT 2/1 or 1; Dmg 1-8 + 1 (long sword)/1-6 + 1 (short sword) or 1-4 + 1 (dagger); SA two weapon specialisation, +1 to melee damage rolls due to Str/Mus; SW -2 to attacks with second weapon (short sword); SZ M (6?3? tall); ML Champion (16); AL CN; XP 175; MM 196; Str 15 (Sta 14/Mus 16), Dex 13 (Aim 11/Bal 15), Con 12 (Hea 12/ Fit 12), Int 12 (Rea 11/Kno 13), Wis 14 (Int 14/Wil 14), Cha 18 (Lea 18/App 18).
Wild Onwen is a dangerous and unpredictable man, both in combat and in conversation. His different colored eyes (one is green, the other blue) and an untidy shock of long black hair only enhances this impression. He speaks quickly and often acts before thinking. Not even his fellow clan captains or crew can say with any certainty what he will do next. Onwen uses two weapons in combat, and the sight of a wildly cursing Onwen weaving his weapons quickly through the air has unnerved many an opponent. Onwen wears a gold ring carved to show a beast claw holding a sizeable aquamarine (worth 1,025 gp) and a brooch carved from a single piece of topaz to resemble a snarling lion (worth 460 gp). He usually carries 20 sp and 8 gp as well.
Darnae, Human (Anuirean): AC 4 (leather armour, Dex/Bal bonus and ring of protection +1); MV 12; T4; hp 27; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6 (short sword) or 2-5 (sling - bullet); SA PP 35%, OL 32%, FT/RT 30%, MS 48%, HS 40%, HN 35%, CW 78%, RL 20%, x2 backstab; SZ M (5?6? tall); ML Elite (14); AL LE; XP 975; MM 196; Str 13 (Sta 15/Mus 11), Dex 16 (Aim 15/Bal 17), Con 18 (Hea 18/Fit 18), Int 12 (Rea 14/Kno 10), Wis 12 (Int 12/Wil 12), Cha 13 (Lea 13/App 13).
Darnae is a young, blond haired woman with a large cruel streak. Despite her attractive, lithe appearance, Darnae is fairly strong and has almost inhuman endurance. In a strong contrast to Onwen, Darnae is meticulously neat and polite, even to her opponents (she is, however, absolutely merciless). She is difficult to ruffle, usually keeping calm as she decides the best way to achieve her ends. Her most valuable possession is the ring of protection +1 she is never without. The ring is a plain gold band, unadorned except for a complex rune on the inside of the ring. This rune simply identifies the long dead Brecht wizard who created the ring. Darnae took it off the dead body of a clan captain several years ago, not realizing its magical potential until Storm?s Rage identified it. Darnae never carries any other valuables on her. Instead she keeps her treasures at the Ravagers? logging camp.
Calder ?Storm?s Rage?, as a shipmage, has an almost undeniable need to feel the roll and pitch of the ocean, and as such, he is almost always at sea. Currently, he is in command of Wild Onwen?s caravel, Sea Horse and is usually busy striking at merchant ships in the Suidemiere.

[top]The Sea Lord?s Logging Camp

The Sea Lords run their currently small logging operation from a well organized and defended base located north-east of Albiele Town (it is marked on Albiele Island Map). A 10 foot deep, 5 foot wide ditch and a 6 foot high log palisade surround the entire camp. Entry to the camp is via one of two heavy wooden bridges which span the ditch and lead to stout gates in the palisade. When necessary, the bridges can be pulled back inside the palisade and the gates shut and barred, making a successful assault on this encampment a tough undertaking indeed. There is a raised walkway (2 feet off the ground) on the inside of the palisade which allows Sea Lords clan members to shoot arrows over the wall.
Inside the palisade are six buildings from which Lord Black and his men run the logging operation. Two of the buildings serve as quarters for the clan members who work here, the others are used for equipment and weapon storage, meal preparation, quarters for Lord Black and the Gods? Blood representative (see following paragraph), and an off duty building (where clan members can drink, gamble, etc). Once logged, trees are taken inside the encampment to be smoothed, cut and otherwise worked as needed before being sold.
As part of the deal the Sea Lords cut with the powerful Gods? Blood clan, a high ranking member of that clan (although not actually a captain) has a say in the running of the Sea Lords (particularly the logging operation). Currently, this representative is one Seriena (FA; T3; LE). She is described in more detail below.
The Sea Lords are behind the attacks on their logging rivals, the Aerele Ravagers, having paid the kobolds handsomely to disrupt the Ravager?s operations as much as possible. The kobolds were able to enlist the ettercap (the male of a mated pair whose lair is near one of the kobolds? own) to aid in their attacks in return for food. The Sea Lord captains have promised to come to the kobolds aid if they suffer reprisal attacks (the Sea Lords have absolutely no intention whatsoever of honoring this promise).
Sea Lords Member, Human Sailor (45): AC 5 (chain mail); MV 12; F1; hp 5 each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6 (short sword) or 1-6 (short bow - flight arrow); SZ M (5?-6½? tall); ML Average (10); Int Average (8-10); AL LN, LE, CE and CN; XP 15 each; MM 196.
Sea Lords Member, Human Sailor (5): AC 4 (chain mail and medium shield); MV 12; F3; hp 19 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 (bastard sword, one handed) or 1-6 (short bow - flight arrow) or 1-4 (dagger); SZ M (5?-6½? tall); ML Average (10); Int Average (8-10); AL LE and CE; XP 35 each; MM 196.
These clan members typically carry 1-10 sp and 1-2 gp on them while inside the encampment.
Lord Black, Human (Anuirean): AC 3 (half plate mail and medium shield); MV 11; F4; hp 35; THAC0 17; #AT 3/2 or 2/1 or 1; Dmg 4-9 + 3 (Riegon?s cutlass - see below) or 1-8 (long bow - sheaf arrow) or 1-4 (dagger); SA cutlass specialisation (+1 to attack rolls and +2 to damage rolls), +1 to melee damage rolls due to Str/Mus; SZ M (6?2? tall); ML Champion (15); AL LE; XP 650; MM 196; Str 16 (Sta 16/Mus 16), Dex 12 (Aim 11/Bal 13), Con 17 (Hea 17/ Fit 17), Int 11 (Rea 13/Kno 9), Wis 11 (Int 12/Wil 10), Cha 13 (Lea 15/App 11).
Lord Black is a heavily muscled, yet remarkably slight man. His name refers to his black heart. Feared by his crew, they remain in awe of his ferocity and skill in battle. He has been a captain of the Sea Lords clan for over ten years. He is currently applying his energies to ruining the Aerele Ravagers? logging operations and his arrangement with the kobolds of the Albiele Woods is part of that goal. Despite his enjoyment of battle, Lord Black is capable of analyzing a situation and determining if less physical methods are appropriate. He is a man who always has a fall back option. For example, in his dealings with the kobolds, Lord Black was careful to first determine the location of the tribe?s lairs throughout Albiele Woods, ensuring that if the kobolds ever turn on him, he knows where to attack in reprisal.
Riegon?s Cutlass
Lord Black?s magical cutlass was the weapon of a pirate captain, Riegon, who lived over 200 years ago. He was famed for his exploits with a powerful weapon that could supposedly cut through wood as easily as parchment. His ship was thought to be lost at sea with all hands in one of the Miere Rhuann?s spring storms. However, after successfully attacking a merchant ship in the Straits of Aerele two years ago, Lord Black found a collection of old papers in the merchant?s cabin. One of these papers was the log of a recently passed away ship captain who wrote of seeing the rotting wreck of a ship on a small, unnamed island in the Miere Rhuann, near Baerghos Island.
The captain did not have time to investigate, but Lord Black did. After several weeks searching he found the almost completely destroyed ship. Amid the wreckage, he found barely legible fragments of the ship?s log, indicating that the ship was Riegon?s long lost ship, the Proud Heart. Also amid the ship?s remains, Lord Black found Riegon?s magical cutlass and a fair heap of ill-gotten treasure (which now resides in the Sea Lords treasury). Lord Black kept the cutlass for himself, however, and he is almost never without it. The stories of Riegon?s Cutlass extra powers are true. That is, in addition to being a +2 weapon, it can cut through up to two inches of wood in a single swipe. The cutlass is not damaged by this in any fashion. Thicker pieces of wood (a mast or thick beam, for example) can be cut through at a rate of two inches per attack. Wooden shields and armor provide no protection against Riegon?s cutlass, and should be considered destroyed after two successful attacks.
Seriena, Human (Anuirean): AC 7 (Dex/Bal bonus); MV 12; T3; hp 19; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 (dagger) + poison; SA PP 40%, OL 33%, FT/RT 30%, MS 32%, HS 20%, HN 15%, CW 92%, x2 backstab, Type D poison on daggers; SZ M (5?3? tall); ML Steady (12); AL LE; XP 650; MM 196; Str 10 (Sta 11/Mus 9), Dex 15 (Aim 13/Bal 17), Con 15 (Hea 14/Fit 16), Int 14 (Rea 13/Kno 15), Wis 13 (Int 14/Wil 12), Cha 9 (Lea 8/App 10).
This ambitious representative of the dominant Gods? Blood clan is an intelligent young woman who looks out for her own interests before her clan?s, when she can get away with it. Seriena is short, with a wiry build, medium length black hair that she always keeps pulled back into a tight pony tail and hazel eyes. She usually wears conservative, almost severe, black clothing, preferring loose skirts and blouses, knee high boots and a grey cloak in cold or wet weather. Two of her daggers (she typically carries three) are worn in plain sight in sheaths on her belt. She keeps her third dagger in a wrist sheath (which is concealed by her loose fitting blouse, but still within easy reach) attached to her left forearm.
Seriena speaks quickly, often almost cutting off the ends of words. Her quick talk should not be mistaken for a mark of enthusiasm or excitement, mind. In fact, Seriena is quite the opposite - a cool, withdrawn person, impossible to flap or surprise, who offers advice to the Sea Lords, always looking to give an advantage to herself and her clan.

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