Male Cleric 3 of Sera/Aristocrat 1

Unblooded Aristocrat

Sanity: 10

Taint: 9

Skills: Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) +6
Domains: Knowledge, Glory*

* These are domains granted by Azrai, the God of Pride.


William ThureseWilliam Thurese

William Thurese is a "rabble rouser" among the people of Alamier. He is a missionary for the Church of the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. In short, he is a motivational speaker imparting to the people of Alamier the secrets of gaining and obtaining wealth. He preaches the doctrine of Lady Luck openly because he claims he is imparting knowledge on how people can become successful in their lives.
In short, he was sent there to impart this knowledge so that he can create a cult or a following for Sarimie, the Lady of Luck and Wealth. He is very charismatic, and is able to create a following. In his speeches he uses props to get his point across. In fact, he has been gaining some success. A few of the people have left Ruornil to follow after his wife, Sera. But not enough to help create a temple holding in Alamier. Just enough.
However, people who watch him notice that he is a little more enthusiastic. And why, in all of Medoere is he constantly wearing that glove? William is unblooded, and has a wife with four children (two had died in childbirth). Also, those of his inner circle have noticed that he never has his wife with him, just beautiful young girls whom he had fallen in love with. And how come, when he talks, he talks clearly of his greater ambitions? In short, William Thurese suffers from overweening pride. He also lives and plays among the more secular of Alamier's elite. However, the Archpriest's Moon Guard have been watching him, closely. Is he really a priest of Sarimie, to stir up trouble? Or is he really something more terrible?

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