The Sie are the creatures that were native to the world before Aebrynis and the Shadow World divided into separate bodies. The division changed the nature of the Sie forever, making them into two new, but different, races - the Seelie and the Sidhelien. Scholars of the Shadow World have debated for many years about whether each Cerilian Elf has a Seelie counterpart in the place of darkness.
There is only one known Sie that survived the splitting of the worlds - the Faerie Queen of the Seelie Court. She has access to wizard and clerical magic, but it is not known whether this was commonplace for all Sie. Indeed, it is not known whether she is truely the last of the race either. The queen has a daughter, Lussina, the Dark Queen of the rival Unseelie Court but she is a Seelie and does not have the powers of her mother.

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