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    1)What encounters do you put in your game?I have heard that monsters system works a bit different!I mean that you cannot find goblins,undead in birhtirght as easy as in other Campaign setting!
    2)Whos in charge right now in Imperial city??

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    Why can’t you have goblins and other weird monsters attack. Just like how in the dark-ages there where vikings attacking out of nowhere. Also if you are the Gm you can just make up a reason. Like a goblin tribe that up residence in your players domain. Now you can let the player solve the problem with and adventure or a military action. And the Undead on is really east just say some evil necro and his legions of undead invade. Maybe the necro takes over the sources in the land.

    And I thin the City of Imperial of Anuire I believe in still under the control of the old Anuire Empire, but is protected buy Avinal, I think. It has been a while sense have read any of the books.

    Hay also if I am wrong I am sure someone will love to show me my error.

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    1) Any sort of encounter really, although the two you mentioned (goblins & undead) should be special cases. Goblins are more civilised in BR, to the point of running their own kingdoms and even trading with humans. So instead of a few disorganised goblins, encounters should be similar to an encounter with human bandits (IMO anyway). Undead are not native to Aebrynis, they are creatures of the Shadow World, and only find their way into the real world through magic, or at the sites of great death (battles, graveyards, etc). They are encountered less often in BR, but are more feared, especially as the appearance of a group of skeletons could indicate the opening of the portal to the Shadow World and that more dangerous undead are on the way.

    2) Caliedhe Dosiere, the Imperial Chamberlain, rules the Imperial City, but his hold on power is limited and he faces many challenges from others. The Imperial Senate, long the proving ground of young nobles often challenges the Chamberlains rule, as does the temple of Haelyn, the nobles Prince Avan, Baron Diem, and Archduke Boeruine, the temple of haelyn, the council of guilds, and the mob (a loose collection of people's advocates, troublemakers, and concerned citizens). Below is some information I wrote up for the Imperial City project that you might find useful...

    Who runs Anuire?
    The imperial city is a seething cauldron of intrigue and violence. Theoretically the Imperial Chamberlain rules the city, but several other factions, intent on claiming their own slice of the cake, oppose him at every turn.

    · Caliedhe Dosiere: The Imperial Chamberlain is the recognised ruler of the Imperial City, but in truth his power is limited to the Imperial Cain and the old structures of Imperial power dating back to the days of the last Emperor. He controls the only large military force allowed in the city, the Imperial Legion, and is also responsible for the day to day running of the city, using taxes collected from the people, merchants and nobles to maintain order and keeps the city running smoothly.

    · The Imperial Senate: Comprised of the sons and daughters of Anuire’s nobility, the senate is headed by the Chamberlain and is supposedly there to prevent war and ease tensions between regents. However, in truth the political intrigues of the senate often cause more conflicts than they prevent. The senate is seen as a proving ground for young nobles and many of today’s leaders represented their realm in the senate before coming to power.

    · The Mob: An unruly collection of civil leaders, priests, merchants, and troublemakers who speak out about the cities problems often, and loudly. If a city merchant is robbed, or someone murdered in their home, there is almost certain to be a protest on the streets the next day. Public orators in Poet’s Square often speak out against the Chamberlain and the other city rulers, and a visit to the square is often one of the best ways to gauge the mood of the city.

    · The Guild’s Council: Operating out of the House of Wealth, a restaurant and inn near the heart of the city’s main market, the council of guilds is a neophyte stock exchange and together its members represent the majority of the city’s wealth. Supported by the church of Sarimie, the council can exert significant pressure on the Chamberlain in matters of trade and taxes.

    · The Nobles: Three major noble families have large estates within the Imperial City. Aeric Boeruine, Darien Avan, and Heirl Diem all vie for control of the city watch and other city infrastructure, perhaps attempting to compete with the Chamberlain for control of the city. Darien Avan has significant holdings within the western sections of the city, including the old Imperial Navy docks, which now serve as the base for his large fleet. Heirl Diem polices the eastern shore of the city, including the ferry depot. Aeric Boeruine has holdings in the north, primarily among the poorer neighbourhoods. He also polices the two river docks, which handle most of the trade with the Heartlands of Anuire, via shipping along the Maesil River.

    · The Church: In old Imperial Times, the Temple of Haelyn was the faith of choice of almost all of Anuire’s citizens. This is no longer the case, but the temple still has vast holdings within the city, including several temples and shrines. The temple also hosts the Knights of Haelyn, a military order of knights unparalleled in Anuire or beyond. Few can match their skills on the field of battle, and although they have until now been supporters of the Chamberlain, any regent who gained the support of the knights would have a significant ally in any claim for the Iron Throne. The temple of Haelyn also runs much of the city justice system, with many of the magistrates and judges in the courts serving priests of Haelyn.
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    > 1)What encounters do you put in your game?I have heard that
    > monsters system works a bit different!I mean that you cannot find
    > goblins,undead in birhtirght as easy as in other Campaign setting!

    I use three kinds of encounters.
    A) Standard monster manual fare. The BR rules identify the standard list of
    encounters, as seen on page 89. Easily half of that list would only appear
    in special enviroments. Still further, certain kinds of creatures organize
    them selves and seek out encounters. Every so often I encourage the players
    to venture into the Blood Skull Barony or the Five Peaks, just to have a
    combat heavy adventure. Creatures not on the list would require very
    special encounters. If players wanted to "journey to the center of the
    earth" they might encounter a xorn, but otherwise, I stick to the list
    fairly closely. Most expansions would be recognizably in the spirit of the

    B) Political encounters. These are the soul of the game, IMO. Mostly with
    other humans, the rest with organized (hence political) creatures. Everyone
    of these encounters serves a complex agenda (more complex than me-hungry,
    sometimes as complex as "I will be the next Emperor of Anuire when my plan
    unfolds in 30 years). Many of these encounters have no violence at all,
    though the risk of violence is always present. The notion that violence is
    the failure of diplomacy and other charisma based skills is applicable here.

    C) Simple encounters. These encounters are with people with obvious and
    simple agendas. "Me ogre, me hungry, me eat cows". And "We are bandits
    because we couldn`t stand the life of farming, and we didn`t know what else
    to do." "I am here to get water from the well." also "Yes, I can make
    that, but mostly I just make shoes."

    > 2)Whos in charge right now in Imperial city??

    The city governs itself. Its a free city, in medieval terminology. I
    rather think there are probabaly more of these in practice. Some, like
    Illien and Endier control their immediate hinterland, but that more of a
    city-state than a free city. If I ran a campaign in the heartlands, I`d
    probabaly make some cities there free cities, possing charters from the days
    of the Empire.

    Kenneth Gauck

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