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Yousera Brotherhood




GB Income
9 GB
RP Income
17 RP

Mercenary Infantry (x2), Elite Vos infantry (The Captain's Guard) x1


The Yousera Brotherhood rules the coast and, some say, the waters around the Yousera Peninsula. A loose band of cutthroats, raiders, and mercenaries, their "regent" is a three-captain council concerned more with plunder than with rulership of a realm.

[top]Commerce and Production

[top]Centers of Trade






Though well removed from the eastern coast, Vstaive benefits greatly from the Yousera Brotherhood. The brotherhood owns an old Khinasi castle overlooking the inland city; there, the Council of Captains makes its decisions concerning its domains. The city itself teems with life. Vos, Khinasi, and mixed-breed humans live here, trading, stealing, and fighting along the way.



Army: 2 units of Mercenary infantry and The Captain's Guard (elite Vos infantry). The Brotherhood also controls three drakkars, one zebec, and two longships. Each is fully equipped with a complement of seaworthy troops (reavers/marines).
The sheer cliffs of Stnerba offer no safe harbor for Yeninskiy's enemies, but it is well known that the three reaver captains of the Brotherhood hide their vessels along this coast in giant caves. Only visible at low tide, the entrances to these cliffside caverns are guarded 24 hours a day by the Captain's Guard. These elite troops patrol the caverns and secret passages that wind up into southern Stnerba, killing any interlopers they find.

[top]Important Figures

Captain Kasimir ept-Amed, member of the Council of Captains

Captain Dimas, member of the Council of Captains

Captain Ferask, member of the Council of Captains

Brgyte Coullah, Captain Dimas's lieutenant

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • For a captain or other officer of the Yousera Brotherhood, there are only two means of escape: death or disappearance, and the former happens far less than the latter. A recent tale around Vstaive insists that Captain Dimas is looking for a way to disappear from Yeninskiy with his share of the Brotherhood's gold, but the other two captains have made moves to stop him.
  • (For the regent only) A player character can assume the role of nearly every regent in the realm. However, if a PC steps into the Yousera Brotherhood, he should be aware that much of his time must be spent at sea. In order to collect "taxes" from their provinces and guild holdings, the captains must sail the seas looking for prey (or - ugh! - legitimate trade). To achieve average taxation and collection rolls, each captain must have all his ships at sea for at least two months in every three. If each captain sails with his ships, the taxation/guild collection rolls are made with a +1 modifier to the die roll. If no captain sails with his ships, these die rolls suffer a -1 penalty. Finally, if the ships do not sail, taxes/collections for the following domain turn will always result in the minimum GB result.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Yousera Brotherhood
Aral (3/2)BW (3)TCV (2)YB (0)-
--NW (3)-
Btumi (3/2)LT (2)SH (1)YB (1)-
Hilov (4/3)YB (3)-YB (3)-
Rig (1/8)--YB (0)VL (6)
Stnerba (2/5)--YB (0)VL (5)
Topek (2/7)BW (2)-YB (0)VL (6)
Vychek (3/4)YB (2)-YB (3)-
Vyslav (3/4)YB(2)-YB (3)-
Abbreviations: YB = Yousera Brotherhood; BW = Barak Wohlken (Yeninskiy); LT = Lita Torsk (Torsketly); NW = Neva Wohlken (Tikhov Suppliers); TCV = One True Church of Vosgaard (Suvek the White); SV = Sword of Halaïa (Corazon Vladimirovich); VL = Vore Lekiniskiy (Dragon of Vstaive Peak).
  • Guilds: The Yousera Brotherhood controls most guild activity along the Yeninskiy coast. They "trade" with anyone, preying on the merchants of Merasaf and dealing with the Iron Hand or the Raven at a moment's notice. Their inland rival is Neva Wohlken, who tried to bridge clannish and cultural gaps by running a small food and ore guild.
  • Provinces: The Yousera Brotherhood controls three coastal provinces of Hilov, Vychek, and Vyslav, much to their people's lament.

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