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Sword of Halaļa


Theocratic Monarchy


The Sword of Halaļa is a sister sect of the Shield of Halaļa, a Khinasi temple, that does not look to Anuire to show them the way of Halaļa. The Sword regards Halaļa in a narrow sense as the patron of soldiers, nobles, and the warrior code, as a member of a Khinasi pantheon lead by Avani, and take broader values from the sun goddess. The Sword seeks to defend her holdings and to serve and protect the realms in which they have holdings. The Sword of Halaļa is on the front line against Avani's enemies, Kriesha and Belinik.
= Regent =
Hierarch, Corazon Vladimirovich

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Sword of Halaļa is devoted primarily to Halaļa as the Lord of Noble War. Halaļa is revered as a paragon of kingship, courage, chivalry, and the command of armies. The temple teaches that its followers that Avani established an orderly society for the good of all her people. It is the duty of Halaļa's followers to defend this order.
Unlike the Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn, the Sword regards Halaļa as more of an Emir then a Sultan. He is the supreme war leader, to be sure, but in peacetime, real authority rests with his scholarly advisers, Imams, and learned court officials. In the view of the Sword, Halaļa may be king of the gods, but the true leader of affairs is his chief minister, Avani, the learned scholar. In this regard, Avani sets the broad set of values and Halaļa's followers duty is to be ready to fight during wartime to protect these values. Avani selects the enemies and friends, and always stands by Halaļa as adviser, sometimes directly telling him what to do, sometimes offering useful advise in his role was military commander. The holy texts affirm Halaļa's kingship, but do not emphasize it or give it importance. A khinasi ruler might be a scholar, wizard, or imam and Halaļa's role is carried out by the commanders of the army, and no more.
Avani is the author of law, and while other temples of Haelyn put great stock in the Book of Laws and other such texts, the Sword rejects this and looks to the Ariyan Temple and the Great Temple for answers to ultimate questions, and pray to Halaļa for the courage and honor to carry out their duty.


A sister sect, the Shield of Halaļa, is lead by Tihara min Buseri among the Khinasi people of Merasaf and other realms to the south.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

[top]Important Figures

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Sword of Halaļa
Btumi (3/2)LT (2)SH (1)YB (1)-
Svesmail (3/2)LT (3)SH (3)NW (2)-
Urysk (2/3)LT (1)SH (1)NW (1)-

Abbreviations: SH=Sword of Halaļa (Corazon Vladimirovich); BW = Barak Wohlken ( Yeninskiy); LT = Lita Torsk (Torsketly); YB = Yousera Brotherhood; NW = Neva Wohlken (Tikhov Suppliers).

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