Vos history

The Vos are a human subgroup who inhabit Vosgaard. One of the original 5 tribes of Aduria the Vos followed Vorynn as their patron deity. Over time however the worship of the otherworldly mysterious Vorynn was supplanted amongst many of the Vos by the worship of Azrai, the Shadow.
During the Flight from the Shadow the Vos loyal to Vorynn fled north into Cerilia by a variety of small ships leaving their increasingly corrupt brethren behind in Aduria. Because the Vos tribe fragmented, the Vos who emigrated to Cerilia were relatively few in number and unable to challenge the populous Basarji who had already settled in the south-east and the Masetian who had colonized the southern coast itself. as a result the Vos mostly settled along the north eastern coast of Cerilia, penetrating inland via the various rivers.
Azrai was not so easily foiled however and many of his minions fled to Cerilia with the Vos of Ruornil to continue to spread his word. While in Aduria the Vos were corrupted by the Lost into beast-men, in Cerilia the corruption was more subtle with the minions of Azrai promoting physical strength over intellectual ability, and encouraging ferocity amongst the warriors.
During the War of the Shadow most of the Vos turned to Azrai openly, and began raiding heavily into the lands of the Brecht and Basarji. As the northern Vos of Cerilia travelled south and west their brethren in Aduria, including legions of beast-men swarmed north intending to sweep across the entire continent. Before the Vos of Aduria could carry out their plan however they were forced to fight at the bottleneck of the land bridge between Aduria and Cerilia by the massed armies of Cerilia led by Haelyn and Roele. Unable to bring their superior numbers to bear the discipline of the Andu legions and Brecht marines were able to grind down the numbers of the Vos until the gods themselves were forced into the conflict at the mystical predations of the Lost.
The battle was a disaster for the Vos people as the death of Azrai caused the mountain to explode, the land-bridge collapsing into the ocean just days after as the survivors fled to safety. Particularly brutally hit were the southern Vos who paused on the coast of aduria to regain their strength and choose leaders when a series of great tsunami's drowned vast numbers of warriors. The northern Vos meanwhile were immediately attacked by Roele and the legions of the Andu. Roele battled the Vos and beast-men until the entire nation, now called Anuire was free of them, and then invaded other lands to similarly cleanse them of the 'taint of the shadow'.
In time the Anuirean Empire covered almost the entire continent forcing the Cerilian Vos from their lands into the unexplored icy north where icy winters and awnsheghlien forced the legions to halt their advance. Since the fall of the empire, the Vos have conquered the southern land of Kozlovny and the Brecht realm of Rzhlev.
The Vos as a people are split between the torva, or 'true' Vos and the nona, or 'new' Vos. While both are seen as bloodthirsty barbarian savages by non-Vos the Nona generally consider that a warrior's strength is meant to support society and that other talents, such as mercantile ability, are also of value to society. the Torva tend to believe that society exists to serve the strong - and that those who slaughter those above them have proven their right to rule regardless of other abilities.

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