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Vaeran Tuor was the husband of Telaena Flaertes, Duchess of Tuornen. His sister, Odelia Tuor was the matriarch of Tuor, and Countess of Tuor's Hold.
Vaeran and Telaena had a son, Gilgaed Flaertes, and a daughter, Rosalind Flaertes.
Gilgaed was still a child when his mother died, so Vaeran was called upon to act as regent while Gilgaed's blood abilities were still dormant. For three years Vaeran helmed the state. It was during this time that Jerem Alam lead Alamie against Tuornen. Jerem crossed the Tuor River in force and laid siege to Haes. For several weeks the townsfolk feared the worst. However as the attackers breeched the defenses, and scaled the walls, Braedonnal Tuare was waiting. He met Jerem's vanguard and killed Alamie's regent. The siege was broken and the forces of Alamie withdrew.
Later, when Colier Simon Tuor was slain by Braedonnal, Vaeran joined his sister and demanded the harshest penalty for Braedonnal. The Commander of the armies had pursued other nobles, maiming some and humiliating others. The death of Colier, they argued was calculated and cruel. Vaeran's son, Duke Gilgaed wept for his cousin, but blamed himself for not dealing with Braedonnal sooner. Gilgaed exiled his Commander.
Vaeran, died two years later at the age of sixty one.

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