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In a divided land like Rohrmarch, rumors and suspicions spread like wildfire among the people. The following are a few of such rumors. They may be true, or they may be the current flavour of gossip for the month, to be blown away by next month?s juicy gossip. Nevertheless, they have been passed on to the regent so that possible action may be taken.
An insane priest
There are whispers of rumors that the battle of Friedhaven and its resultant carnage has pushed Kurt Warkinde into insanity. He is claimed to be seeking blooded scions to hunt and kill in an effort to gain even more powerful blood abilities. Talk in the taverns suggests that Warkinde will launch an offensive in Rohrgaard soon and face down the regent single-handedly in an attempt to take the regent?s bloodline.
Guild wars?
Siegfried Lessen and Frederick Buchassen maintain friendly relations both personally and in business. However, there is a rumor that Frederick Buchassen is seeking to serve the King of Rohrmarch as a vassal, in exchange for more guild rights in Alklund and Nunkappel, both areas where Lessen?s guild has traditionally dominated. Should this prove true, Buchassen would prove to be a valuable asset to the King. However, the regent would need to manage the reaction from Lessen. Lessen has not reacted to the rumor visibly, although there has been increased activity reported at the Steelbenders? Guilden.
Hydrakin incursion
Caracdir, a race of crocodile-like humanoids spawned from the Hydra, have been seen in increasing numbers in Nunkappel. Thefts of livestock and the burning down of a farmhouse in the night have been blamed on the Caracdir. Increased ranger patrols have failed to catch the intruders although the rangers have noticed that the Caracdir tracks head generally in the direction of Kiedel before turning back. No one knows the reasons for the incursions but the Mayor of Kiedel has asked for all-able-bodied men in Kiedel to be organized into a militia.
Undead rising
All over the battlefields around the kingdom, there have been reports that undead have been rising and leaving the battlefield. The undead appear to be traveling north, and cause destruction and death to anything in their path. There appears to be a malevolent force that is commanding the undead rumors abound that some dread sorcerer is gathering an undead army?
Racial tension
In a fit of anger, one of the minor Anuirean nobles in Osternord has beat a Brecht serf to death. The incident has outraged Brecht across the kingdom and racist gangs have formed in the villages in the northern provinces calling for a pogrom against all Anuireans. The rapid organization has prompted speculation that someone powerful is behind the unrest?
Apocalypse and Boar
Within the last year, the Apocalypse and the Boar have been sighted in Rohrmarch. No one knows much about the Apocalypse, its appearance coincided with a few mysterious deaths but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. There is speculation whether it intends to make a regular appearance in Rohrmarch.
The Boar is a more frequent visitor, and was responsible for the death of King Wilhelm. Nobles have sporadically called on Prince Oden or King Alaric to avenge Wilhelm?s death but the civil war was always the more pressing issue. With the end of the civil war, the regent is likely to face increasing calls to hunt down and destroy the Boar.
Fangs of the Vampire
The Vampire has been an incessant enemy of Rohrmarch for centuries. But for the last 100 years, its attention had been diverted elsewhere and Rohrmarch had enjoyed some breathing space. This was fortuitous as the Vampire could have easily taken advantage of the civil war to attack Rohrmarch.
However, the death of Prince Oden has left a vacuum in the northern provinces which the Vampire is keen to take advantage of before the new regent can establish himself. Assassins and rogues have sought to influence key nobles in the region, using bribes or threats. While only some of the minor nobles were taken in by these men, most of the nobles either drove out the enemy agents or captured them. While those who were captured did not admit who they worked for, it is believed that they serve the Vampire.
There are also reports that the presence of the Shadow World appears to be getting stronger in the northern provinces. Many suspect the Vampire to be behind this. Some villages report that the weather has become unusually cold, even in summer. Villagers have also been found frozen to death in their beds, even though their neighbours were not affected. Village elders have called for any priests of Kirche or Haelyn to help deal with the threat.


Although King Alaric died suddenly in battle, he had prepared the regent with some privy information that could serve useful when necessary.
Crown of Rohrmarch
The crown of Rohrmarch, the symbol of kingship as worn by King Wilhelm and most recently King Alaric, is a powerful magical item forged since the days of the first king of Rohrmarch, King Alder I. Of great benefit to the regent, the crown gives its wearer an additional 10 RP to spend every domain turn. Most people, even the nobles, are unaware of the magical significance of the crown. However, King Wilhelm had shared this news with Prince Oden, who in turn shared it with Kurt Warkinde. A possibility that Warkinde would try to steal the crown cannot be ruled out.
The Boar?s Achilles Heel
As a ranger, King Alaric had carefully studied the Boar?s history and physiology and believes he has learnt how to overcome the Boar?s Invulnerability (Great) to finally kill the beast. The method is not impossible but King Alaric never had the opportunity to execute his plan, with the civil war raging. [The PC should consult the DM to work out a moderately difficult method for the PC regent?s knowledge.]

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