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Arms of AlklundArms of Alklund

Alklund is a province in Rohrmarch located between Sendoure, the Coullabhie, and the Harrowmarsh. This position places the province between Brecht, elven and Khinasi markets and makes it a great crossroads of trade, culture and learning. They chose order over Rhorhmarch's internal strife, but their optimism only led full circle, and Alaric Rohr of the Rohrmarch Königreich had to practically raze the province to the ground to reconquer it.

[top]Flora and Fauna

Alklund is infamous in its flatness. The plains of the province sink slowly southwards finally transforming into the Harrowmarsh. The land receives ample moisture from the Gulf of Coraenys and the lush grasses attract many antelope and even lions which are normally characteristic of the Khinasi savannas. Wild cattle, horses and sheep also make their homes here, having managed to somehow survive the destruction of their owners. The land itself is quite fertile and those who still farm it can bring out good crops of wheat, barley and, with work, coffee. To the north the elven forest extends into the province and intrepid Alklunders enter to gather nuts and maple sap during the harvest season. In the south rare herbs and valuable spices can be found in the border marshs, if one is brave enough to face the Hydra's spawn.

[top]The Ruined City of Alklund

The center of the province contains the ruins of the former capital of the independent Alklund. Early in the spring of 1526 HC a blast ripped through the city, centering on the library. Only a few score individuals survived and were able to pull themselves out of the rubble. What they saw was horrifying. The once pristine buildings of the relatively new city lay smoldering in ruin. Most of the castle of Caer Alkien lay in ruin, some portions even in a molten state. Those who had been unfortunate enough to be in the streets had their flesh stripped away by flame almost instantly. No trace of the Bearcat's library could be found. Even today the ruins of the town are still smoldering and it is rumored that the location of the library is a direct portal to the Shadow World. The ruins are certainly haunted, and so sudden was the catastrophe that many of the ghosts do not even realize that they have died. King Alaric has currently issued a command that no one should disturb the ruined city for fear of disturbing that which should be left to lie.


Currently only one town of note remains in Alklund, the city of Hechingen to the south. This was the only town that was spared by Alaric during the reconquest of the province. The city sits on the border with Sendoure and makes a perfect stop off for caravans moving from Khinasi into Brecht lands. The King was aware that destroying this town would be more trouble economically than it was worth.

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