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Arms of MhellivieneArms of Mhelliviene

Mhelliviene, like most of Cariele, is well settled. Large towns and villages dot the province surrounded by assart where forest used to be. Agriculture is expanding rapidly to fill the gap. Iron mining is also a large industry in the province, and large villages have sprung up in hilly terrain around each mine. A large road, one of the busiest highways in Anuire, passes south to north through the province, eventually reaching the capital city of Caerlinien. The local authority is headed by Vaedril Caelthein (MAn, Ftr 3, unblooded, LE), the Count of Mhelliviene. Lord Vaedril is a one of the few remaining warriors in Cariele?s aristocracy. A former mercenary of some repute, Vaedril is also a guild official who ensures that the taxation on passing merchant traffic is suitably high and wields his power like a blunt club ? primarily through Bireon?s mercenaries.
The Stonecrown Coster fortifies all of its holdings in the province in order to protect them from the neighboring menaces of the Five Peaks and Thurazor. The province sees raids from time to time from the Five Peaks, but for the most part, the strong military presence by the guild deters such activity. The crown itself maintains two units of archers which garrison key forts, while Guildmistress Bireon protects her interests with two units of guild scouts and two units of mercenary irregulars.
===The Gates of Doom===
A small, very hilly gap in the Stonecrown Mountains connecting Cariele to northern Mhoried. Less than a few miles wide, this gap, called Mhelliviene by the Anuireans, meaning Gates of Doom, has a long and bloody history. More than one army has met its death here and all traffic, whether from the north or from the south, must pass through the gap. The only other alternatives are a very circuitous route by sea or several treacherous overland routes through goblin territory.
As it is so important, nearly every regent in Anuire keeps a cautious eye on the gap. Memories of ambushes and death are keen in the minds of human, elf, and goblin alike. Locals will tell any traveller to avoid the Gates of Doom at all costs during the Eve of the Dead. Travel in the Mhelliviene is hard enough during the cold months locals say, but on the Eve of the Dead it is said that Shadow World presses unnaturally close. Tales of unspeakable horrors haunting the ruined towers and keeps are not uncommon.

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