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Markgraf (feminine: Markgräfin) is a title among the Brecht which identifies the ruler of more than one province or alternatively one important province. The word comes from the High Brecht word "Marka", meaning "boundary", relating to the province's position on the realm's border.
Origins: As outlying areas tended to have great importance to the central realms of kings and princes, Markgrafs frequently acquired considerably greater power than other Grafs of a realm. Being on the border, a Markgraf by definition had to maintain armed forces and fortifications which would enable him to withstand an invasion - and these made his position stronger and more independent towards his own sovereign. Moreover, if successful in war, a Markgraf might conquer considerable territory which he would tend to keep to himself, acquiring more power and wealth - and in some cases eventually building himself up as an independent sovereign.
Today the title of Markgraf is used in Brechtür by Grafs who rule either more than one province or who rule a very important province.
The adjectival prefix "Markgrafen" means "pertaining to a Markgraf" and is typically attached to the word in question. Such as, "Markgrafenburg" for the castle of the Graf.
A Markgraf's province(s) is generally referred to as a Markgrafschaft.

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