Katherine Roslöw-Ulfer

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Katherine Roslöw-Ulfer was a former ruler of the Brecht realm previously known as Roschlöwen, along with her brother Kurth Roslöw-Ulfer.

Katherine and her brother became rulers in 1120 HC, with the idea of restoring the realm to its former glory, after the not-so-enlightened rule of their father Karl Roslöw-Ulfer and their uncle Bram Roslöw-Ulfer. Katherine as a wizard and believed that ancient dwarven artifacts could help the realm improve its means of production and provide protection from the colds of the Black Ice Bay, whereas Kurth saw the Free League of Brechtür as a better mean of improving capital. When Katherine married in 1136 HC, she lived in the Gray City of Edarr for a while, where she found the ancient researches of her ancestor Harold Ulfer, who saw in the dwarven secrets the way of godhood. Terrified by what lust for magic had done to her ancestor's mind, she renounced her project and agreed to provide six thousand men to the Brecht League.

In 1140 HC she was at the shores of Lake Ladan but did not participate the council as she was pregnant and feeling unwell - and this saved her life that day. She managed to ran away with a small cavalry company with hours of advantage towards the Vos. Oddly enough, the more they travelled in the Mistmoor, the more time they gained. When they returned via the Berhagen River, they had gained three months advantage.

Katherine tried to regroup the realm's defenses, however most of their men had gone to fight for the league. Fleeing units coming from the Mistmoor from Berhagen or Grevesmühl refused to hold the fight there.

And then the Vos came.

Angry and hungry, the army of Tsarevo Viktor spared no one. Morale was low and the units fled easily. Katherine fled back to the Gray City, where she gave birth. It is said that Katherine wanted to conjure some realm spell, perhaps the same Warding spell her ancestor cast back in the days, but the ghost of Alisse Ulfer appeared in front of her and told her that the day was lost, and the days of Roslöw and Ulfer where done. The legend continues saying that she fled east and disappeared in the Mistmoor.

Her fate is not known. It also unknown if she had a baby or twins, or what happened to them.

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