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Arms of GreenswardArms of Greensward

Daliburgh and Grimsay are the major settlements. Leith Riedhie is the Earl of Greensward.
Greensward is a heavily wooded province on the coast of the Tael Firth. From the coast, where a narrow band of lowland has proved ideal for farmland, lessor foothills rise quickly in steep slopes unsuited to farming and vulnerable to erosion.
Though not nearly as good a port as Nowelton, the deep cut in the Lindolme River on the north bank allows medium sized ships to port at Daliburgh. Silt and debris, including occasional rocks from upstream brought down in the fast, high waters of spring occasionally block the port and neccessitate dredging. (A -3 to -6 penalty can be imposed on skill checks to navigate the harbor.) No vessel with a draft greater than 10 ft can enter Daliburgh, and a draft of less than 8 ft would be required for an easy entry to the harbor. Recently competition has arisen from the town of Melvaigh, across the river. Though the south side of the river is more shallow, Storm Holtson's use of Rjurik longships can manage the shallow draft and new warehouses have marked the new importance of trade in Melvaigh, much to the consternation of the Fine Crafters of Timber and Minerals. Leith Riedhie, the Earl of Greensward takes no notice of trade matters, to the resentment of the town.
Lord Forbes Borrail of Daliard, however, is concerned and has tried to help the Fine Crafters. When the harbor of Daliburgh needs to be dredged, he provides manpower to assist. If the town of Daliburgh was to lose out to Melvaigh as a the market town of the lower Lindolme River, his power and wealth would be seriously effected. His lands supply the town and the guilds with food and some raw materials (such as wool) which are processed in Daliburgh. The temple at Daliburgh is run by Presbyter Shaemes Tiernay, a loyal man to Torias Griene. He uses the law in Daliburgh to assist the Fine Crafters of Timber and Minerals in the name of the Thane, whose official policy favors the guilds. Griene himself was once Prior of Greensward, and knows the political landscape here very well.
The current Prior of Greensward, however, Glenna Armistair, is not a friend of Torias, and indeed was a rival of his in the Greensward priory. Her ascension as Prior was do to her friendship with the Earl, Leith Riedhie. She is sympathetic to the ideas of Presbyter Siobhie Riedhie of Newcayne. She would rather see the guilds curbed, but does not interfere with Presbyter Shaemes as it is the official policy of the Supreme Hierarch Thuriene Donalls that the guilds develop the land.
The northern city of Grimsay is controlled by the Fine Crafters of Timber and Minerals, though they don't win the support of the local temples or nobility as they do in Daliburgh. The local lord, Harrin Stalban, Viscount Grimsay, is an old enemy of the guilds and seeks to see them curbed by every means the law allows. Harrin ran what used to be the second law holding for the Thane in Greensward until the guilds contested that law holding and brought Harrin to trial on charges of corruption. It was later revealed to be agents of the Fine Crafters who framed Harrin, and he is well aware that the current Justice of the Peace is an empty suit and cannot impose the Thane's will or any law in Grimsay against the guilds. Harrin opposes Hierarch Torias Griene in politics and advises the Thane adjust her policy. The Thane seems to trust Harrin, but so far his policies have not overturned the pro-guild position of Torias. The Presbyter of Grimsay, Gille Easbaig, is another member of the anti-Torias faction who has proved too canny to be removed from his temple office.

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