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Iantha Norvil was the wife of Jarod Dannis. She was the daughter of Ian Norvil, Earl of Greensward.
when Ian Norvil died in combat in the Five Peaks, the succession was disputed between Aidan Norvil, the old Earl's brother, and Iantha, his daughter. The War of Greensward Succession Iantha's cause was carried forward by her new husband, who proceeded to win several minor successes, upsetting other important nobles. These rivals combined to crush him, but Jarod was successful and united all of Talinie by declaring his three year old son, Edrand I, as Thane. Jarod placed him on a wooden chair, the first throne of the new realm of Talinie. To this day the wooden throne of Talinie is called the Oak Seat.
In addition to Edrand, Jarod and Iantha had a younger son, Ramsay Dannis, who was born at the seat of Greensward and was known as Ramsay of Riedhie. Ramsay succeeded his mother as Earl of Greensward, and his descendants still hold this title. Jarod and Iantha had two daughters, Athola Dannis and Lachina Dannis.

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