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Your Majesty, allow me to first express my condolences at the passing of your father, King Alaric, and your cousin, Prince Oden. The battle of Friedhaven has cost Rohrmarch not only the lives of two of its leaders, but also the lives and property of many Rohrs. The cost of this civil war has yet to be fully accounted for and your majesty will have much to do to heal the political rift of the realm. This remains the most immediate task.

[top]Ending the Civil War

The passing of Prince Oden has shaken the Prince?s faction, especially as Prince Oden had left no heir to succeed him. Most of the Anuirean nobles who supported Prince Oden have sworn allegiance to you, Your Majesty. They have made the appropriate penance and restitution and appear chastened by the bloody outcome of the civil war. I hope that your majesty will be gracious and magnanimous in victory towards the nobles.
The Royal Knights of Rohrmarch were destroyed in the battle of Friedhaven and the survivors will not serve as a threat to your rule. Unfortunately, the warmongering Kurt Warkinde, high priest of the Stormlord Seerbrand, survived the battle of Friedhaven and has rallied the provinces of Rohrgaard and Osternord against your majesty. Operating from Kettenblitz, his fortified temple at the southern tip of the Khurinlach, Warkinde has recruited more mercenary forces and continues to raid and harass our forces. In addition, priests of the Stormlord Seerbrand continue to preach a militaristic message to rile the people of Rohrgaard and Osternord against your majesty. It might be unwise to take direct action against the Stormlord Seerbrand, as such action could send Rohrgaard and Osternord into open rebellion. A more subtle way will be needed to neutralise Warkinde, bring the Stormlord Seerbrand to a more moderate message and regain the support of Rohrgaard and Osternord.


In this, your majesty will be greatly assisted by Her Grace Delma Fussen, whose Haeyln?s Warriors has constantly been a strong ally to King Alaric and now to you, Your Majesty. Fussen is a gracious and magnanimous lady but nevertheless, she will expect something from your majesty in return for her erstwhile support. Your majesty would be wise to reward the church publicly but to ensure that Rohrmarch?s interests are not compromised. While your majesty requires Fussen?s service in the continuing battle against Warkinde, it would be unwise to turn this war into a religious one. Rohrmarch has already suffered from too many divisions.

[top]Finding a Court Wizard

Rohrmarch has no court wizard. This is unfortunate as the realm has several provinces that remain lightly developed and have very strong potential in magic. This abundance in magical power has already attracted the Sayer of Coullabhie to establish a presence in Rohrmarch. Our history with the elves remains chequered, although King Alaric, a ranger of some renown, had done much to smooth relations with the elves. While the Sayer is not currently a threat to Rohrmarch, a court wizard will help ensure the protection of Rohrmarch both against enemies within and without. Even with the civil war nearing its end, Rohrmarch is a realm surrounded by enemies. A court wizard will go some way to deterring any rapaciousness on the part of our neighbors.

[top]Awnsheghlien and non-humans

Rohrmarch borders on the realms of four awnsheghlien. Your Majesty, no other realm can claim this. No other realm would want to. Rohrmarch also borders on two-non-human realms. The only human realm that borders Rohrmarch is the Khinasi realm of Sendoure. Put simply, as a Brecht kingdom, Rohrmarch borders on no other Brecht realm.
Of our neighbours, the Vampire is of our most immediate concern. He has attacked us several times in the past and is likely to do so again. There may be a thinning of the borders between this world and the Shadow World in the vicinity of the Vicissitude Mountains. Reports from travelers warn that the days appear to become shorter and the nights colder. This may be related to some nefarious plan of the Vampire which could be directed against Rohrmarch.
Kiergard to our northwest is a puppet regime of the Gorgon. There is no indication that the Gorgon has set his sights on Rohrmarch as his next conquest, despite Warkinde?s incursions into Kiergard prompted by his irrational hatred of all things Kiergardian. Nevertheless, once your majesty has secured all of Rohrmarch, it would be wise to fortify the provinces of Rohrgaard and Osternord. It would serve two purposes, to secure the provinces against external attack by either the Gorgon or the Vampire, and to ensure stability in these two areas with a strong Stormlord Seerbrand presence.
The Chimaera and the Hydra have not deigned to step out of their respective realms to disturb Rohrmarch for some time. In fact, we have good trade relations with the human settlements in Chimaeron. However, the Hydra?s Domain is full of cutthroats and ne?er-do-wells who raid our southern provinces with regularity. Unfortunately, rooting them out of the swamp inhabited by the Hydra would be a near-impossible task. Orog tribes in the Iron Peaks have also made forays into Rohrmarch in recent history. They remain an ever-present threat to our western provinces.
Rohrmarch has no friendly relations with the dwarves of Baruk-Azhik, the elves of Coullabhie and the Khinasi of Sendoure. The civil war that had wracked our kingdom had served to keep many potential friends and allies away. Perhaps now, under the single rule of your majesty, we could establish friendly relations with these realms to strengthen our position in this dangerous part of the world. It will not be easy, as there is much baggage and prejudice we must overcome. Your majesty must also be careful that we do not adopt the troubles of these realms as part of our relationship with them.

[top]Looking ahead

The ending of the civil war remains your majesty?s top priority. Mopping up Warkinde?s forces and bringing the rebellious provinces of Rohrgaard and Osternord will be paramount to securing the realm internally. Thereafter, your majesty must be prepared to secure our realm against our plethora of surrounding enemies and monsters.
I will be glad to speak to your majesty in further detail on the accounts in this report. I am our faithful servant.
Andreas Kohl
Royal Chamberlain to the King of Rohrmarch

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