The Khurinlach is a lake that touches Baruk-Azhik, Rohrmarch, and Chimaeron. It drains via the Khurinbyrn River and on to the Gulf of Coeranys.
The lake is clear and cold, fed by mountain streams and underwater springs. It lays under a heavy mist most mornings, and freezes over in all but most mild winters. Promentory abuts the lake in steep cliffs. Land's Victory approaches the lake in bluffs that rise only a hundred feet or more from the surface. A narrow beach separates the hills and the water.
The lake is an excellent source of trout, sturgeon, pike, numerous small fish, and freshwater squid. Like most remote lakes, this one has a local legend about a serpentine monster that swims the depths, poking its head above the surface for a reliable observation perhaps once a year. Other less reliable observations are made more often.

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