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Courageous , strong and bold are qualities that all publicly ascribe to Haelyn's Bastion of Truth but the templars and priests are no fools and often act not merely to deal with obvious threats, but also those more subtle - nor are steel and prayer their only weapons, few can match the ability of a priest to encourage or discourage behaviour through rhetoric and faith.

Here are a selection of some of the plots and rumours that the James Ardannt and Haelyn's Bastion of Truth are dealing with / provoking in Dhoesone.


The Bastion would dearly like to drive the giants from Harper's Point, the defeat by the giants was a heavy blow to both their pride and their influence. Most Dhoesoneans expect the Bastion to act soon, particularly as it has been supported by the other churches of Haelyn who have encouraged rulers of other lands to lend military support to Dhoesone.

[top]Alone on the roads

The Bastion loathes the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie (NRC), but feels duty bound to defend the merchants that follow the NRC. This frequently means that the Bastion is weakened when the faithful of the NRC are attacked, for even those merchants rescued tend to see the Bastions's actions as merely its duty and any failure of the Bastion to defend them as dereliction of that duty.

James has begun to restrict the patrols of his templars to areas around villages of the faithful only; he knows that this policy will leave many merchants at risk but he believes that in the long run proving the value of the Bastions' protection and the emptiness of the NRC's promises to the merchants outweighs the harm done to those merchants caught by bandits along the unwatched roads.

[top]A hero long forgotten

The Bastion recently came into the possession of a scroll detailing the travels of an explorer called Vordhuine Wayfarer. While in the Giantdowns, Vordhuine came to rest in a cave near the surface home to a large number of bats. While exploring the depths of the cave Vordhuine came across a strange sight, over two dozen warriors frozen in crystal apparently stricken in mid-battle!

The description of one of the bronze clad warriors matches that of Sir Boeric Adanheim, a long lost paladin of Haelyn. If the knight's body, and the enchanted relics he bore could be returned to civilization it would surely strengthen the faith of those who saw them, something desperately needed in these troubled times. James is keenly looking for some brave warriors to venture into the downs to retrieve the knight's remains.

[top]The lost town

Intermittently Haelyn's Bastion of Truth considers sending someone to retrieve the relics once housed in the church of Todpier, but so far prudence has deterred them, many still fear that the plague resides in the town, or that the folk of Dhoesone might consider retrieval of the Tear of Nesirie and the Blood of Haelyn to be grave robbing. These fears and the dire auguries about the empty town have ensured that the two gems remain lost.

[top]Broken wings

Taline, a staunch ally of Dhoesone, could not afford to send troops when Fhiele appealed for aid. Instead the thane sent Ruimiele of Haelyn, a young paladin who wears the legendary armor Haelyn's Panoply. Ruimele's faith was such that the Panoply would glow with blinding light and even grow wings on her command allowing her to soar above the battlefield.

Ruimele fought against ogres, trolls and even giants over the last year winning much praise for the faith. In a recent battle with raiders from the Red Fist clan she was struck by a poisoned dart and the poison has resisted all curative magic, the church is desperate to find an antidote, for Ruimele weakens daily despite their best efforts.

[top]Guilty if undiscovered

James knows that the temple of Sarimie is involved in all sorts of treachery, dealings with goblins, subverting the social order, undermining the resolve of the nobility and the like. Proof is however elusive and while James would never stoop to dishonorable means, some of his more 'pragmatic' subordinates are more than happy to fabricate the necessary evidence in order to provoke the Baroness into direct action.

[top]The best defense

Haelyn encourages bravery and martial prowess and Dhoesone's pitiful military rankles the Bastion greatly. James has been vocal in encouraging the raising of troops, and often urges the Baroness to take direct action against the perils that plague the realm, including if necessary the guilds and other temples. James willingly sponsors adventurers to undertake daring action to benefit the realm, sometimes neglecting to ask the crown or the relevant lords for their permission first.

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