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Haelyn's Warriors is a newly revived temple. Her Grace, Delma Fussen, brought the worship of Haelyn over the mountains to Rohrmarch to restore a dormant tradition.


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Domain Table: Haelyn's Warriors
Alklund (4/1)Al (3)HW (3)SL (3)-
Boerenbach (2/7)Al (1)HW (2)FB (2)CB (4)
Edel (4/5)Al (1)HW (2)FB (3)CB (3)
Friedlund (4/3)Al (1)HW (2)FB (2)-
Od (2)SS (0)SL (1)-
Nunkappel (5/0)Al (5)HW (3)SL (4)-
SS (1)-
Abbreviations: HW=Haelyn's Warriors (Her Grace Delma Fussen); Al=Aaric Edel; Od=Oden Edel; SS=Stormlord Seerbrand (Kurt Warkinde); SL=Siegfried Lessen (Steelbenders' Guilden); FB=Frederick Buchassen (Frodrik Foresstannen); CB=Camyrynnyd Bulahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie)

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