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Male Anuirean Wizard 1/Noble 1; CR:2

Heir-Apparent of the County of Ghoried and alumnus of the College of Sorcery

Lineage of Lesser Nobility

Minor Bloodline of Anduiras, 22

NG Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 9/10

Init +1

Languages Anuirean, Old Andu, Sidhelien, Basarji, Low Brecht

AC 11, touch 11, flatfooted 10

Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +7

Speed 30ft

Melee Atk -1, 1d4, 19-20/x2 (Dagger)

Ranger +1, 1d4, 19-20/x2 (Dagger)

Base Atk +0, Grapple -1

Abilities Str 9, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 12

Feats: Iron Will, Improved Counterspell, Scribe Scroll

Skills: Appraise +4, Bluff +6, Concentration +2, Craft (alchemy) +6, Decipher Script +5, Diplomacy +3, Disguise +2, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (nobiltiy) +5, Lead +2, Perform (dance) +2, Ride +2, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +6, Warcraft +4

Racial and Class Features: Summon Familiar, Favored Region (Southern Coast)

Special Qualities: Enhanced Sense (major)

Description:, lbs

Possessions: Dagger

Iron Will: +2 to Will saves

Improved Counterspell: May counter spells with a spell of the same school

Scribe Scroll: May scribe spell scrolls

Delfrene DenoeredDelfrene Denoered

Typical Dialogue:


Delfrene Denoered is the only child of Anchael Denoered, Count of Ghoried. Since she is past childbearing years, this means that Denoered line will be extinguished in the near future. She has completed her studies of magic at the College of Sorcery in the Imperial City and immediately returned to aid her father in ruling his county and protecting it from the marauding Goblins.

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