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Bhàtair Armara was a follower of Janna Many-Tongued. He crossed much of the Western Coast and parts of the Northern Marches revealing the teachings of the Aromatic Scriptures. Where Janna was largely an interpreter of Fitzalan, Bhàtair foresaw some excesses that might grow out of Fitzalan's doctrine and his own writings include some cautions about going to far with reforms of the Imperial Temple.
The Armara family was an important dynasty in the Northern Imperial Temple. When the popular and beloved Presbyter of Nowelton, Marigold Armara, was taken as bride by the Thane, Edrand VI, it was inevitable that one of their descendants, in fact Thalia Armara, would eventually unite the two domains. The two major scions of Armara active today are Colin Armara and his second cousin, Thuriene Donalls.

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