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Bannier Andien and his guild, Andien and Sons are involved in several plots affecting the guilds holdings in Dhoesone.

[top]Royal aid

For all his deep belief that the nobility should keep out of his business, Bannier does pay his taxes, usually. Indeed occasionally, when Dhoesone or Talinie is clearly threatened, Bannier applies guild resources heavily towards realm interests to ensure that they are protected. While grudgingly given, this aid is well known to Baroness Fhiele Dhoesone and wins Bannier favor not shown to other guilders. Thane Donalls is more cautious still, but the guilds fiscal support has so far deterred her from taking any severe action against the guild.

[top]Money talks

Adaere Doneim may be rich, but he got that way by not paying a penny more than required for goods or service, and his guild second Cariene Landstock has tired of her master's parsimony. In exchange for regular payments she has fed Bannier regular updates on the Northern Import and Exports doings and ploys allowing the smaller guild to avoid traps set by the larger guild.

[top]The guilder's daughter

Bannier Andien's one great sorrow is not his inability to expand his guild in the face of competition from Storm or Doneim, or his recent set-backs in Talinie, but rather his wife's failure to provide him with a son and heir. His sole daughter Ariele has never had the slightest interest in the family trade preferring song and music as a bard of Laerme. So far Bannier has stopped his spirited daughter from doing more than dream of adventure and he is desperately looking for a husband to tame Ariele before she ruins her reputation.

[top]Potions and philters

Bannier has recently purchased some potions off a Red Fist clan, shaman, Hrukk Stonebound, that are said to both enhance a man's prowess and guarantee a son from the union - and matching potions said to turn a woman's thoughts to encouraging such matters!

While any magic in the potions is said to be faint, the odd goblins of central and northern Dhoesone have rare skill with potions and herblore to rival any druid. Preliminary 'tests' have borne out some of the goblin's claims and Bannier is planning a wider test at a festival soon. If the tests are successful the guild will buy as many of the potions as the goblins can supply - with the ridiculously low prices the goblins are charging and the inevitable demand the guild should rake in money!

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