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[top]A letter from Savane Mhoried

To those who love Tuarhievel,
You know me as the Prince's First Consort, Savane. Possibly you have heard less flattering titles attached to my name, the least of which would be "human trollop" and "defiler of the Thorn Throne." I am painfully aware of the opinions that are held of me and my unborn child among many members of the Council of the Moon. "What right does a human have to sit on the Thorn Throne, and how can we permit a half-breed to assume it after her?" they ask.
I do not presume to claim that I am better of any elf of this land, but I have been charged with custodianship of the child of Prince Fhileraene's birthright by your liege and mine. My regency will end on the day that child comes of age, or when our liege has his freedom from the Gorgon and returns from Kal-Saitharak. For now, however, I ask that you support me in my efforts to carry out the final command of a great ruler whom both you and I love more than life itself, Fhileraene, Prince of Tuarhievel. He invested me with his bloodline when the Gorgon issued his ultimatum, not to spite the worthy elves of this land, but to protect them.
If you have attended recent sessions of the Council of the Moon, you have heard much talk about the glory days of the elven people, a time when the forest reached from sea to sea and elves were the undisputed masters of all the land. You have heard passionate speeches about the end of your civilization, and that the end is embodied by my presence on the throne. You have heard much talk about the baby I carry, and that no self-respecting elf should ever need to call a half-breed Queen.
Perhaps there is some truth to these speeches. Perhaps Prince Fhileraene committed the greatest of betrayals when he chose me to rule in his stead. I do not believe this to be true, nor do I believe my child will be unfit to guide the people of Tuarhievel into their eternal futures. She may not be gifted with your immortality-my human frailty has seen to that-but the blood of Fhilearene flows through her veins. That alone is enough to compensate for any weakness she may earn from me!
I hope you share my thoughts in these matters. But even if you don't-even if you agree with Rhuandice Tuarlachiem that Fhileraene stained the honor of all elves when he placed me on the Thorn Throne-I would at least ask you to consider this: House Tuarlachiem is vehement in its desire to take all authority from the Thorn Throne and invest in individual nobles. Further, they would drive all humans from these forests, and the gheallie Sidhe is the muscle with which they hope to accomplish this. The result may well be that this land will be split into seven kingdoms. A divided Tuarhievel will not survive, nor will this nation continue to exist if humans are violently driven from its borders and we make enemies of all. Between the Gorgon and vengeful humans, the beautiful forests will be reduced to smoldering ash and our bodies will serve as the nourishment for the new trees that will grow here some day.
I have some allies. You have no doubt heard that Tara, the disowned wife of the Gorgon himself, supports me in this matter. But what you may not have heard is that several members of taelinri support my attempts to carry on the legacy of Fhileraene, as feeble as my efforts may be at present. But, with the support of individuals such as you, I will someday pass the authority along to Tuarhievel's rightful ruler-either my beloved or his child. In the meantime, I hope that you will continue your support of the Thorn Throne, not for me, but for the rightful heir who is growing in womb. I ask you to stand by me, and help me learn the ways of your beautiful, eternal people, inferior though I may be. I am not your enemy. Help me keep Tuarhievel alive for the future.

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