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The taelinri come from all social classes and professions, with one exception: No elf who embraces the doctrines espoused by worshipers of the deities of other races may ever become a taelinir. It is as likely for an elven rogue to become a taelinir as it is for a philosophical scholar. This elite group has counted powerful mages and simple craftsmen among its number.
To become a taelinir, an elf must posses understanding, compassion, and vision. As a result, only elves of good alignment with Intelligence scores of 16 or better and Wisdom scores of 17 and better are likely to meet demands of the extensive training, which focuses as much on direct experience as on study and contemplation. This regimen takes many years to complete; some have studied for decades, only to discover that they are still not ready for the tests of character necessary to accept themselves and to be accepted by others as taelinri.
Taelinri are rare. They are among wisest and most insightful of elves, and they must freely give their wisdom to any elf who requests it. Few have the will to follow this path. As such, the taelinri are held in very high regard. This is true whether they tie themselves to a particular location or wander in search of new experiences. They are not nobles; indeed, aspirants from noble families must renounce claims to their inheritances before being accepted as taelinri. They are treated less as "important people" than as honored guests by both commoner and noble.

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