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Abbadiel (Large Town): Conventional; AL N, CN; 2500 gp limit; Assets 400,000 gp; Population 3200 (human 95%, dwarf 2%, halfling 2%, other 1%).

Abbadiel is the major town of Abbatuor and the southernmost Roesonean port on the Spider River. At the time of Daen Roesone, Abbadiel was only a small pirate base. The Black Baron managed to peacefully integrate the pirates of Abbatuor into his realm, and since then the settlement has become a small town of fishermen. Despite this change, Abbadiel is still known as the best port on the Southern Coast for shady dealings. Laws of the realm are not the only ones the merchants of Abbadiel are breaking, as they have organized the first ever logging operation in the protected forest of the Erebannien.
Abbadiel is connected with the rest of the barony by a road known as Talmoere's Pike and a ferry called Talmoere's Ferry. Both are privately owned. The tolls are 2cp per head and 5cp per mount or axle for the road and 5cp per head and 1sp per mount or axle for the ferry.

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