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    Carilon Alam HELP!!


    ruins of empire has him listed as Fighter level 2
    The BRCS_Atlas has him listed as Noble level 6

    What do you out there think he should be?

    My thinking is that he is listed at 2 in ruins to reflect how lazy he is. Carilon dosen't really seem to care about ruling his kingdom well as he concerned with revenge against Tournen. That is why the north is not even claimed by Carilon (Soutmoor, Nortmoor, and sorelies).

    Noble level 6 would definatly give him more skills and hitpoints, also a couple of feats. Is that the only reason he became Noble 6? I don't see him as a big diplomat or negotiator. Ruins says people don't trust Carilon, and I doubt he has the resources on hand to have an adequete court upkeep. He is a schemer, and a mean one.

    I also think he should look like a bearded Gene Hackman.
    "I'd like to respond first in my normal voice, and then in a high pitched, silly one."

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    Don't have access to BRCS_Atlas (and can't seem to locate it) but I would say the mechanics between ROE (2nd Edition) and BRCS (3.5) are different. In 2nd Edition, it didn't matter if you were 1st level or 20th, mechanically you received the same GB, Regent Points, and Domain Action modifiers. In 3.5 it is more about the character.

    So, with that being said, I would think 6th level Noble would work, or maybe even 6th level split between Noble and Rogue. Schemers need levels too. And based on his having a toy maker sitting in Tournen ready to strike down the children of the Tournen nobles, a long term schemer too.

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    I think a Noble/Rogue mix would work out well. He was only a Fighter so he could profit off of law holdings-which is less of a problem in BRCS, yeah.

    I would think at least a 2/2 split between the two classes would be fair, considering the changes in the mechanics.

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