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    Question Gorgons Alliance

    Hey guys & girls

    Five years have passed but still Birthright is installed on my PC. Since i have Windows 7 i had to create XP on my laptop so my joy by playing birthright could continue on it

    I was often looking for patches or cumminities for that game, but I never found. Today i found this website and was totally suprised that I have never got to such a page before. Gladly I have seen a download pool for Gorgons Alliance and the registration was just one simple step before

    But I have many questions I couldnt find an answer for in fact that there arent any comments for the files either by the uploader nor by the downloaders. Thats why I created this topic here. Hopefully you can help me?

    First of all I wanted to patch my game. I think that will be necessary before I concentrate on any other file. But in this section I find 3 files:
    - gorgon_patch (1.4)
    - gorgon sierra online patch 1.3 [42122]
    - gorgon sierra online patch 1.4 [42426]

    Do I have to install all of them? Do I have to install them in a special row?

    In addition I couldnt find any information in the readme.txt what got patched/improved. I would like to know what got fixed instead of just install it and be happy.
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