OK, gents, here`s the first draft of a write up for a new awnsheghlien I`m

planning on posting to the BR list. I`m sending it along to you guys first


1. I`d like your opinions.

2. If you notice any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes I always

appreciate a little editing.

3. When talking about these things the other day Edgar mentioned

assisting me come up with stats for these character descriptions, and I

haven`t written any up for this beastie yet. Since that`s actually my

least favorite part of these character descriptions (and you guys seem to

enjoy it more than I) any effort in that area would not only be

appreciated, but play to our respective strengths and interests in

gaming--and isn`t that kind of thing always nice?

A few notes in regards to #3:

A. I try for CR 8-12 when writing these things up. Occasionally the CR

can go as high as 16 or 18, but 8-12 seems to be a nice "average" and I

want them to be as useful as possible to as many people as possible when

posting to the BR community. CR as presented in the DMG is, of course, a

rather blunt tool, and I prefer a system of rating characters that employs

decimal places and variable ratings for actual character features rather

than the "best guess" method of 3e, but for the purpose of disseminating

this kind of thing to the BR community, I put them into the format most

readily used by most people. Such an "average" set of stats can be more

easily tweaked post hoc.

B. I usually give these creatures levels in the Awn-/Ersheghlien

character class as written up in the BP document. That class is similar

enough to an "monster" class per the MM`s descriptive text that it works as

a general method of portraying awn-/ersheghlien, and in a unique monster

description the exact method of character generation is pretty near

invisible, so it doesn`t particularly matter how those stats are generated

for most people`s purposes. Levels in other character classes are fine

where appropriate, but in this case he`s pretty much a monster, so he

needn`t have any other class levels unless there`s something in particular

you think he should have--like Evasion or Rage--that come more specifically

from certain character classes.

C. Though I don`t much care for the 3e/3.5 skill system I do put them

into that format for the benefit of the BR community for the same reasons

that I use the standard CR stuff.

D. I do, however, include bloodline and blood abilities in both the

"standard" BR format and bloodlines in BP format. BP are just so much more

useful (and it requires only another line) that I think it makes sense to

include that method. Besides, I have to write it up for my own use

anyway... might as well include it. Including skills in these descriptions

per the Master Skill System would just confuse people since nobody`s seen

that stuff but you guys, but the BP stuff is at least available to the BR

community should they want a look at it.

E. When it comes to transformations and disadvantages I spend BP to turn

humans into their awn-/ersheghlien form using the same information on

"Totems and Transformation" that I wrote up a while back. That is, this

awnsheghlien`s transformations would turn him into a character with the

chiroptera totem animal from that document. If you need a copy of either

the totem animal document or the BP style stuff let me know and I`ll send

it along.

Thanks in advance for your opinions and assistance on this. Of course, any

efforts on your part are at your convenience. I try to get two or three of

things like this a month posted to the list, but there`s no rush since

there`s no deadline.

BTW, I again have a job to do on Sunday 10/5 (actually, it`s the same guy

who rescheduled last week`s appointment... annoying, huh?) so can we meet

on Saturday 10/4 instead? My place?



---ooOoo--- ---ooOoo--- ---ooOoo---

My Lord, I have again found a survivor of the attacks by the beast that has

been preying upon the hunters and traders of our land. What follows is his

statement made before me. I believe this account to be the most complete

and accurate so far. Jan Malbraucht is a forester, `tis true, but he is an

intelligent and articulate member of that breed of hardy folk. Further, he

holds the rank of Sergeant of the Berkannen, and is known as a man of

bravery and honor amongst our civilian soldiers.

Unfortunately, it appears this incident has seriously unsettled him. This

change was noticed immediately upon his return from his yearly efforts at

gathering furs for trade in our fair capital. The man who came out of the

mountains appears to have been severely shaken by his experiences, and when

his superior, a Captain Teiss, attempted to get the man to tell him what it

was that had so disturbed him he appears to have asked for me, knowing that

I was looking into this matter for your lordship, and refused to speak in

the presence of anyone else. Here are his words, my lord. Pay heed, for I

believe his testimony is of great import.

"We were bringing furs down from the mountains of Tiess after a season

spent hunting and trapping. There were nearly a score of us, hardened men

of the mountains all. Though fierce and independent men by nature when the

season is done we travel together into the city to trade our goods. It

gives us a chance for fellowship and mutual protection as we take our goods

to the city from bandits. All of us looked forward to the comforts of

Holstadt after many nights with only cold stone for our beds. A warm fire,

warm mead, warm companionship.... It had been many months since any of us

had known these things, and we were cheered by the prospect of finding them

soon with the profits of our labors in our pockets and the hardships of the

mountains but a memory. None of us were to know such relief, I fear, and I

have known nothing but torment since that first night we began our journey

out of the mountains."

"It was a dark shape that swooped down upon us in the night. It`s body was

no bigger than a man, but it had great black wings... they spread out to a

width greater than one of our caravan`s wagons. Yet they were nearly

silent in their flapping. There was just the soft sound of their

beating. Their beating was not like that of a bird, though... it was a

fleshy, unwholesome sound. It was like the rustling of the wind on damp

cloth, or the flapping of a ship`s sail in a storm."

"When it was upon us it let loose a piercing shriek that froze the blood in

my veins. The whites of my companions` eyes told me that the cry had the

same effect on them. I drew my blade but a mighty buffet if air from those

wings sent it flying, and I lost it in the darkness. I am not a coward,

but I knew I stood no chance against it unarmed, so I dove into the

brush. Behind me I heard the challenge of one of the men, Brenlo Irgsen I

believe, as he charged the creature. His cry was cut abruptly silent. I

hazarded a look and saw it lapping up the guard`s blood from a great wound

in his neck."

"From my hiding place I saw it kill all those who tried to fight

it. Others tried to flee, but it hunted them down. At least, I saw it

kill those who ran, and in the morning when I crept from my refuge I found

the bodies of several that it had brought down in the night as they tried

to escape. Many had been killed by blows from those giant black

wings. Others had been torn by the thing`s talons. All of them had their

throats torn out, so the beast could feast upon their blood."

"I am ashamed to say that I did not take time to bury the dead, though some

of them were people that I considered friends. I left that place as

quickly as I could, and I have not spoken of it until this day."

With that he fell silent, and I did not press him further for it was clear

the man was at the end of his tether.

Based upon this and the few other eyewitness accounts, I have dubbed this

beast Chiroptis, for it is clear that it has a bat-like appearance and

demeanor. I can confirm that it is not related to the awnsheghlien that

troubles our fellow Brechts, the Vampire, for that foul thing has not left

the borders of his land in many months. Reports of the Vampire`s

activities confirm that he has been in his own demesne at the same time

this new creature has preyed upon our people. I have not yet ruled out

that Chiroptis may be some descendant or ally of the Vampire, but since

this new threat appears to have first appeared in our northeastern border

and is moving across our land I infer at least that this threat did not

originate in the lands ruled by the beast that was once Britter

Kalt. Recent tales of a vampiric beast from Vosgaard cast some doubt upon

the assumption that Chiroptis originated in or near our land. My suspicion

is that this beast is of Vos descent.

Whatever the origins of this new threat might be, Chiroptis appears to be

slowly working his way south and west, preying on travellers or small,

isolated communities as he goes. In recent weeks, however, he has grown

bolder, attacking larger groups and even on one occasion entering the

hunting lodge of your vassal, Ritter Alec Lanheim, killing all

present. Fortunately, neither the Ritter nor his family was in residence

at the time, but the caretaker and huntsmen that live upon those grounds

were all slain. All the bodies were mutilated in the fashion with which we

have become all too familiar.

Chiroptis would appear to be motivated only by a thirst for human

blood. After an attack upon a caravan several weeks ago the only survivors

were the pack mules of the traders, and he left several dogs that were

tethered to wagons unharmed. Furthermore, the goods and valuables of his

victims have remained untouched. He seems satisfied by taking their lives

and drinking their blood.

The beast has only been sighted at night, and if his transformation is in

keeping with his bat-like appearance it is possible that his vision has

grown used to dim light.

---ooOoo--- ---ooOoo--- ---ooOoo---

The motivation of Chiroptis beyond a thirst for blood is unknown. (But we

might expect a "Secret Background of Chiroptis" in an upcoming post....)

An appearance by Chiroptis can be used as a Monsters or Brigandage random

event. By playing it as a single encounter adventure his appearance could

also be used as an Assassination or Blood Challenge random event.


Medium-Size Awnsheghlien

Hit Dice:


Speed: 30 ft.




Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities:






Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating:


Alignment: Chaotic evil

Advancement: By character class


Bloodline in BP Style:

Chiroptis prefers to attack with surprise, diving down on creatures in the

night and rending them with his claws and fangs.