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The Forgotten or Faceless God


Humanoid awnshegh
'Deity' of the Yikaria

12th-level Sorcerer (Magic-User), 12th-level Priest, 18th-level Warrior

SIZE: L (10? tall)
ARMOR CLASS: 4 base, -4 with armor
SAVES AS: Ftr 18
THAC0: 3 (fists) or 2 (staff)
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 (fists) or 3 (staff)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2d10 or 1d8+8/1d8+8/1 d8+8
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 or better weapon to hit
MORALE: 19 (Fearless)
XP VALUE: 33,000

Strength 20, Dexterity 14, Constitution 19, Intelligence 20,Wisdom 18, Charisma 15

Bloodline strength: True (Azrai)
Blood abilities: Bloodform (Minor, yak), Divine Aura (Great), Invulnerability (Great), Long Life (Major)

Spells (Wizard): fire truth: hold portal, phantasmal force, sleep; ESP, pillar of sand*, shatter, wizard lock (arcane lock); haste, invisibility 70' radius, lightning bolt, vampiric touch; fire shield, ice storm, sunfire*, stoneskin; death smoke*, domination (dominate person), passwall, teleport; chain lightning
Spells (Priest): bless, command, cure light wounds (×4), detect good, detect magic; enthrall, heat metal (×2), hold person, silence 75' radius, speak with animals, withdraw; dispel magic (×2), meld into stone, speak with dead, stone shape, protection from fire (protection from energy); cure serious wounds (×2), neutralize poison, reflecting pool; raise dead, true seeing; blade barrier, weather summoning (control weather)
* see the Al-Qadim Arabian Adventures rulebook

Equipment: Staff of the World's Pillars

Staff of the World's Pillars: This is a long magical staff with an egg-sized fire opal mounted on its end. It has three major abilities which mirror those of a ring of regeneration, a staff of withering and a chime of interruption. When possessed by the Forgotten God, it is connected to his regency. The beliefs and sacrifices of his followers power it as if it was permanently charged. In the hands of another, it would have 40 irreplaceable charges and each ability would cost one charge.


The Forgotten God is an awnshegh but DMs may treat him like the Serpent or even a demi-god, depending on their campaign.
While he may not be regularly seen, the Forgotten God is not afraid to let his power be witnessed. He does appear in person for major events like the selection of a new body for the emperor or the investiture of a new governor. But most of the time he leaves the dirty work to his priests, armies and his lieutenant, the Whisperer.


The Forgotten or Faceless God is an awnshegh worshipped by the yikaria. He was originally a sorcerer from the Aduria tribes who fought with Azrai during the Battle of Mt Deismaar. After the battle, he found himself on the northern coast of Aduria. The bloodline of Azrai was within him and he fled south to the mountains. There he gathered people and power around him as his abilities grew. Eventually he formed a small empire.
As his powers grew, his body changed as a result of bloodform. At first it adjusted to his new surroundings, giving him abilities to handle the weather and slopes. All his children took on this yak-like form, becoming what are now known as yakmen or yikaria. But he continued to change. He was seen less and less with his children and his subjects running the empire on his behalf. He was worshipped but few knew his true form. Eventually he lost all his facial features, his face looking like a sheet of white ice. That is what gave him the nicknames that people outside the empire know him as - the Forgotten or Faceless God. Only the yikaria priests know his true name.


The Faceless God has precisely that - no face. However he manages to communicate through speech without any mouth. His spellcasting has no verbal components. He has no eyes, no ears, no nose, yet seemingly has all of the associated senses. Other than that he has the torso and limbs of a yakman, except that his hair is all white. The portrayals of him in the temples show him wearing long robes.




This character was based on Dragon #241. The Roof of the World

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