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Water's Blessing

Phisaid Uriene
Neutral Good



The Water's Blessing is a tiny temple of Nesirie borne a few years ago on the shores of The Chimaeron.


The temple is led by Phisaid Uriene, who is also its founder.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine


[top]Major Centers of Worship

The Holy Harbor, in Lyssan, is the only chapel of the Water's Blessing, built in 1521 HC by the personal efforts of Phisaid and of its small group of followers.


As a new temple, The Water's Blessing doesn't have a well defined structure. Decisions are all taken by High Priestess Phisaid and by a small group of assistants that are personally chosen by her among the most devout followers and that are charged to spread the Voice of Nesirie.

[top]Important Figures

Phisaid Uriene - regent of the domain.

Brother Colin, Male Anuirean, Cleric 4, unblooded - An illiterate commoner who was among the first followers of her and the first to hear the Voice of Nesirie inside himself and to achieve divine powers.

Sister Briella, Female Anuirean, Cleric 2, Vorynn, tainted, 11 - She's a middle-aged widow of a rich merchant of Lyssan, who has funded the building of the Holy Harbor. She's usually inside the chapel preaching to followers or tending to the daily activities of the temple.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Waters Blessing

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