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Ljorrah Snorrisdottor was Queen of Stjordvik after the death of her father, Snorri Snidilsson.
She was an only child and Snorri raised her to be a warrior. His own abilities of statecraft were not considerable and all he passed on to his daughter was skills at wilderness survival, swordsmanship, and fishing. As a princess she was loved and quite popular. She fell in love with the hero, Harald Hagalsson, and they were married. Their romance is a matter of song and verse.
The reign of King Snorri is reckoned today as a golden age. He was a warlike king who won many battles, was successful in war, and was accompanied by the greatest eorls in recent memory. When his daughter, Ljorrah, succeeded, she hoped to consolidate the realm and restore its treasury. However, in the first crisis to confront her throne, her ally Rjuvik came to war with Svinik and she honored the alliance and sent troops and ships lead by her husband.
At the Battle of Sjager Baelt, the Svinik fleet won a victory over the combined fleets of Stjordvik and Rjuvik, and Harald Hagalsson died. Ljorrah was devastated and seemed to go mad for a while, throwing tantrums and tearing at her own hair. Eventually she recovered, but would not attend to the state, but only to salving the pain in her heart after the death of her beloved Harald. Indeed, she did not even attend to her son, Varri Haraldsson. She would conduct little business but dinners, feasts, and parties. Queen Ljorrah was regarded by the nobility and the neighboring courts as little more than a gay widow.
The great Eorls were concerned about the direction of state and could not stand with their queen during the next crisis. Their friend and ally, the king of Rjuvik was deposed by a worthless reaver, Fulgar the Bloodhanded. Eorl Haakon Ylvarrik had been friends with King Snorri, fought beside him and for Stjordvik, but when Ljorrah refused to aid the true king pleading an empty treasury. Haakaon regarded it as an unforgivable breech of honor to abandon Rjuvik to one such as Fulgar for reasons such as poverty.
The Queen could not abide the terrible counsel of the bloody old men who clamored for more violence and surrounded herself with ladies in waiting and sycophants. Such was her court until her death.

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