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Crafts are frequently over-looked in the game, perhaps a warrior may forge a sword, or a wizard learn weaving to make a cloak, but in general labouring over raw goods to make a few coppers is not a heroic gaming experience. That's fine, but a little knowledge about some crafts can go a long way towards adding colour to a game, and explaining what sort of things may be going on in a domain.
Knowledge of crafts is typically passed down from Master to Apprentice or within a guild, and specific technicques are frequently closely guarded secrets that are carefully protected to keep the family in trade down the generations. Testing new ways of doing things tends to be rare - failure is expensive and when every copper coin counts, doing it 'the right way' is imperative. Innovations tend to arise only where someone has significant capital to allow them to experiment, or where the cost of failure is low.

[top]Wood crafts

Wood was one of the most important and valuable resources that a medieval lord could own, not because of rights to hunt, or payments for foraging, but due to the harvesting of the wood itself - for woods were regularly harvested over cycles as long as 150 years, each generation of the nobility harvesting wood planted generations before and then planting trees to be harvested in decades and centuries to come itself so ensure the families continued propsperity.
Wood crafts include:

[top]Earthen crafts

Earthenwork is crafts which relate to the earth and earthenware.
Earthen crafts include:

[top]Cloth, leather, and rope crafts

[top]Home building crafts

  • Wood huts
  • Log cabin
  • Wood cabin
  • Clay lump walling
  • Cob Walling
  • Flint walling
  • Thatching. Thatching is the process of making a roof from grass, and having it stay dry and warm for decades.

[top]Other crafts

  • Blacksmithying
  • Paper making
  • Candle making
  • Soap making.
  • Dry stone walling. Where wood is expensive, livestock still needs to be contained, so walls are built from the local stone.
  • Rush and straw-work. A craft similar to wickerwork but based on grasses and rushes.

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