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Wells are dug to provide water for the local populace and livestock. Wells are difficult to construct requiring lots of hard labour (often at some risk to the diggers), can change the local water level (causing problems for local buildings if the well is built too close to the building) and are thus wells are built only when a source of clean water is not to hand.
The common Anuirean method of well building, spread to the other tribes of man by the empire, is to dig out a circular well as deep as possible before the walls start to collapse in.
  • 1. A heavy iron ring is then placed at the bottom of the hole.

  • 2. Bricks are built up to the surface.

  • 3. Labourers then dig down further directly beneath the ring.

  • 4. The ring sinks down under its weight.

  • 5. More layers of bricks are added on top of the existing bricks until the top of the well is reached.

  • 6. Steps 4 and 5 are repeated until the well reaches a sufficient depth.

  • 7.The wall is then built up to at least waist height to prevent anyone falling in.

  • 8. A windlass is constructed above the well with a bucket attached.

A Rjurik variation is to line the walls with wood as the well is dug down to stop the walls collapsing. The walls are then built from the bottom up. The Rjurik generally consider the Anuirean method to be back to front and contrary to all wit and wisdom.

[top]Dew pond

A primitive type of 'well', the dew pond is simply a depression dug into a natural dip in the land. The depression is then lined with clay to make it impervious to water. The clay is then covered by lime, which is in turn covered by straw which is in turn covered by a foot of earth.
The dew pond naturally fills with water from rain, run-off and dew over time and is readily usable by livestock.

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