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Hedges are created to keep livestock from straying, mark territory, and break the wind. Hedge laying has several stages. Hedges are typically made of whitethorn or blackthorn bushes, planted closely in rows marking out the path of the hedge. Hedges are found everywhere in Anuire, commonly in the southern lands of the Rjurik and Brecht, but only rarely in the lands of the Khinasi or in the extreme north.
To lay (make) a hedge from the row of bushes:
  • 1. The ground along the hedge is cleared.

  • 2. Deadwood is removed from the hedge.

  • 3. Poles are hammered between the hedge stems to act at stays.

  • 4. The hedge stems are notched deeply (half way through) just above the ground.

  • 5. The hedge stems are then laid almost horizontal, towards sunlight and preferably away from the wind.

  • 6. The stems are interleaved with the stays forming a loose weave.

  • 7. For a thorough job, stems cut from the bush are trimmed and used for additional support every yard or so until the bushes grow into place.

  • 8. To make the hedge attractive willow can be woven in forming a row of weavery along the top of the stays.

A experienced hedge-layer can lay 60 yards of hedge a day, less if they do steps 7 and 8. A hedge is generally laid in winter (in other months the growth gets in the way) but can be left untended for several years. Where hedges go up or down hill, the hedge is laid from the top down.
As a hedge needs the continuous rows of bushes to be laid, they tend not to be moved over the generations, merely re-laid every few years to keep them properly intact.

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