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Theresa Bellannon was the daughter of Keith Bellannon and Juliette Fhoruile. Despite an early training in the temple of the Northern Imperial Temple, she became a priestess of Ruornil and was an avid astrologer. The Observatory of Benbecula was constructed under her patronage.
Though, the young Thane Thornton Armara was encouraged to find a bride from another kingdom to forge an alliance, or secure the friendship of Boeruine, who has always asserted lordship over the Barony of Talinie. Instead he acted on the affections of his own heart and married Theresa Bellannon. When the young woman was introduced at court, Thornton immediately pursued a courtship, and after three years, they were married. Their children were Thalia Armara, Seanachan Armara, and Móra Armara.

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