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The Svinarek is a secret part of the Watch. The Svinarek, or "outriders" pass as renegade Rjurik to infiltrate bandits or the Kjarhoelle tribe in order to collect information.
Recently Hogrun Njalsson has been brought disturbing news. Agents who have infiltrated the Kjarhoelle report that Chief Tjorvaal Kjarhoelle has a new, important adviser. Her name is Rowena Manspear, and her origins are unknown. She appears to be a capable warrior, though the agents of the Watch have only seen her spar with karlar in the Kjarhoelle, not in combat. She advises the Chief and seems to be the source of the Chief's recent ambitious moves in the Giantdowns. She may also be the source of the chief's notion to use humanoids in his army. Her influence over the Chief is said to be complete. They do not appear to have a sexual or romantic relationship.

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