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The only known Tighmaevril weapon seen in the Highlands for generations. It is currently feared to be in the hands of the Gorgon, or his infamous General, the Crisp.

[top]Common knowledge

Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.
The "Blood of Stjolvar" is a famed blade with a strong connection to many of the noble river-jarls, and was owned for generations by the jarls of Stjolvar; Some say these noble warriors left their soul upon the blade.
Most recently the sword gained a darker reputation. A song by the skald Sigrun Kjornal tells of what happened to a champion who was tainted with Azrai's curse.
The song of Stren of Stjolvar

''Ask the Jarl of Stjolvar where comes his bloodline

''and if he?d rather explain of generations past

''know that Stren his father was a good friend of mine

''that I may tell you his bit of the truth at last.

''Stren was a round warrior with a taint of Deismaar

''But his sword was more ancient still

''He fought under both the sun and the star

''With a sinople blade of the purest tighmaevril

''Too many good he fought and too many he killed

''That his blood did one day change swine him in ways

''with a hunger for death forever was he filled

''?till the very last day and the end of his days.

''Laefr his son was a boy, when Stren his father sought out

''A monster of great might, the Man-Swine of Hjorvaal

''He sailed up the Hjarring river up about,

''Where the hills start and Stjordvik?s oak wall

''If the monster is dead, or Stren still alive

''Laefr never got news, but many came thus far

''In caverns honeycombed like a hive

For the tighmaevril sword known as ?Blood of Stjolvar?

? Sigrun Kjornaal, Scald of the Highlands

[top]Further knowledge

Exact sword is a large rough Claymore (size L), the strange metal gives-off a green hue, but otherwise the sword looks like a poorly-finished common claymore.
Claymore +3, Int 9, Ego 12, Alignment Neutral, Speaks Rjuven to wielder, tighmaevril blade.


Several wielders of the blade have become awnsheghlien (Including both Stjolvar and his son). While this is not unusual for those who frequently commit bloodtheft, it seems unusually common for wielders of the Blood of Stjolvar giving the blade a reputation as cursed.

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