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Legendary Items: The Arboreal Gems

Rjurik Winds Campaign 2007-2008 (AD&D)

Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.

[top]Common knowledge

The Arboreal gems are four ancient gems whose origin is fiercely disputed. The Sidhelien claim them as their ancient heirlooms, stolen and perverted by the Rjurik. The druids glory them as sacred relics of the gods forged long ago in... More darkly, the Gorgon is said to hunger for the gems for some no doubt unmentionable purpose - his agents search for them constantly and his armies roam far and wide defying all borders to retrieve them.
The gems are:

[top]The owl of Silverheart

The silver owl is said to give its owner insight into happenings far away, allow a general to spy out troops in neighbouring lands, and to protect against darkness.

[top]The tear of Nesirie

Said to lie under the Siren's Cry, the tear of Nesirie grants great healing powers upon its owner - even it is said the power to bring the dead back to blessed life!

[top]Avani's Firestone

Avani's firestone is said to have been stolen by the Orogs of the Blood Skull Barony from the sidhelien of Lluabraight. The Firestone is rumored to give great insight into the ways of darkness and strike down those of evil.

[top]The Emerald Ring of Erik

Before the might of Erik no sorcery can stand, its wielder need fear neither the dark treachery of necromancy nor the insidious charms of the sidhelien, at their call the forests will rouse and strike down their foes...

[top]Tharmekhul's anvil

Not one of the gems as such, but rather the forge where the sacred gems were forged into items of power. The Anvil is thought to lie in the Goblin land of Nulthan in Urga Zai or in Kopingdal in Hjolvar. The Anvil is said to enable the forging of mighty works, it is claimed by the dwarves as sacred to Moradin, and revered by the Sidhelien as the site where their master spellweavers worked with the dwarves to make many wondrous treasures.

[top]Further knowledge

[top]The owl of Silverheart

In its presence even the mightiest Awnsheghlien are said to quail, those of Azrai's bloodline feel their blood writhe within them as Vorynn's influence is strong in the ring. Troops bolstered by the Owl are said to strike fear into those of evil heart that they fight. Persistent rumor claims that the King of Svinik holds the ring - or one of his champions does.

[top]The tear of Nesirie

The Tear of Nesirie answers only to the innocent, but can cure the ills of all - even those caused by the terrible magics of the mighty awnsheghlien.

[top]Avani's Firestone

Avani's firestone has the power to wreathe warriors in flames making them nearly invincible in combat. In person it protects against fire damage and is said to allow the wearer to cast fiery bolts. The ring is believed to have been won from the Orogs of the Blood Skull barony by the White Witch of Gandvick...

[top]The Emerald Ring of Erik

Erik's emerald ring is aid to make its wearer invincible against those of dark heart - neither sorcery nor demons of the Shadow World can stand against its fury. This legend was tested during the war between Gandvick and Hogunmark when it is said that the White Queen used legions of the dead to strike down and capture the Queen of Hogunmark. Many say that the White Queen did not keep the mighty ring for fear of destroying her carefully craftred alliances, but rather sent it to the Oaken Grove with promises to restore a king to the conquered realm, in exchange for certain concessions.

[top]Tharmekhul's anvil

The Anvil has dark legends, the dwarves and elves made wonders with it long before man came to the highlands, but they abandoned it for reasons they will not say long ago - some claim that the Horned king, an ancient elf of great power and unspeakable crimes made terrible weapons with which to strike down his foes -goblins and dwarf alike - and that both races shunned the site ever after. The goblins are said to have found the site long after and used it to craft weapons of foul mein, but rumors that it was corrupted by them are belied by the crafting of the Arboreal gems before the Forge was lost to all ken.


[top]The owl of Silverheart

The small silver owl holds a shining diamond in its breast. The owl is of magnificent crafting, and looks almost like it could take to wing at a moment.

[top]The tear of Nesirie

A large quartz gemstone holds water and a shining sapphire in its center. The gemstone glows with golden light, and the light reaches out to the wounded - whether they suffer in body, mind or spirit. The merest touch of the stone banishes all pain and nightmares and its quiet beauty anews those of goodly nature in its presence. The Siren is said to hold the gemstone - or perhaps the priests of the realm do.

[top]Avani's Firestone

This ring is finely crafted of gold and set with a large ruby, the ring is always warm to the touch.

[top]The Emerald Ring of Erik

Erik's ring is made of silver set with a large emerald surrounded with several smaller emeralds. The ring is oddly soothing to look at and many who touch it claim to hear the soft brushing of wind between leaves.

[top]Tharmekhul's anvil

The Anvil is a huge stone table of unknown composition. Lava wells up nearby, drawn from far below by some sidhe sorcery and the heat of the molten stone brings a sweat to all in the chamber. The stone itself is impervious to all blows and marks - yet it has been carved by the dwarves to suit the forging of all manner of things. The anvil crackles with blue lightning when storms dance on the surface above, and the very air seethes during the solstices when the true power of the altar is said to be within the grasp of those with the skill to master it.


[top]The Owl of Silverheart

Personal: The Owl prevents the use of any bloodline abilities by a scion of Azrai or an awnshegh.

Battle: The Owl allows the casting of Ruornil's Silver Robes on one unit.

Other: The Owl brings visions of evil and threats, a skilled user can scry nearby provinces with effort and perceive (in poetic form) threats against that which they hold dear.

[top]The Tear of Nesirie

Personal: The tear grants the bloodline power of healing.

Battle: The tear can cure a single unit of all ills.

Other: The Tear allows a priest strong in their faith to resurrect the fallen, such people are often returned blessed by Nesirie or with a quest from the gods in their heart.

[top]Avani's Firestone

Personal: The Firestone protects against cold and fire magic both. Further the wearer can cast flame arrow.

Battle: The Firestone casts a version of the spell Warlords of Cuiraecen that wreathes the unit in flames but otherwise has the same effect,

Other: Avani's ring is said to grant great wisdom to the wearer if they pursue a scholarly path.

[top]The Emerald Ring of Erik

Personal: Erik's ring grants spell resistance to the wearer.

Battle: Erik's ring can summon the very forests to aid Erik's faithful by casting the spell Erik's Mighty forests.

Other: Erik's ring is said to be able to undo any magic within a wide area - even dispel realm magic.

[top]Tharmekhul's anvil

The anvil's powers are unknown but likely potent. They likely surround the creation of magic artifacts, although the anvil is also thought to gather and strengthen the mebhaighl of the land.

[top]Creation cost

Divine artifacts. Not constructable by mortals within serious McGuffin reasons.

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