The Magian's Domain

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Belinik (State Religion), Nesirie

Iron ores
Fish and crustaceans.
GB Income:
30 GB ()
RP Income:
40 RP ()

10 GB
25 RP


The realm lies on the eastern coast, bordering the Sea of Dragons.

[top]Life and Society

Oddly enough, most people of Pipryret are quite satisfacted of the Magian's rule. Though harsh and completely evil, he has already demonstrated to be a competent ruler: Vos people are happy to be part of his army and Khinasi merchants are happy that law and order bring much more gold and affairs.

[top]The Land









The realm, originally known as Pipryret, in the last centuries was controlled by Vos of the Torva faction. In 545 MR the Magian and his minions, coming from a far realm, landed in Pipryret and easily, mainly due to his high skills in magic, defeated the Vos armies. Quickly he killed most of the blooded people, including the previous king, Nikolai Jurcevic, in the realm and became the new undisputed ruler.


The Magian's military forces double as a ruthless police brigade. They tolerate no crime and immediately suppress any activity or Group that might threathen The Magian's rule.

[top]Important Figures


Officially, The Magian has no allies. He views every leader and every blooded individual as a hindrance of his long-term plans of continental conquest. He knows, however, that publicizing his contempt would unite the realms against him. So he keeps this personal view in check. Instead, The Magian has made peace pacts with nearby countires, including Mbasa, Yeninskiy and Rhuannach in particular. He feeds them lies about the two domains he wants to ovethrow immediately (Min Dhousai and Karusha) in order to justify his intentions of ammasing troops and constantly keeping his troops in battle-readiness.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: The Magian's Domain
Aktarsk (3/3)Mg (3)Bnk (3)DrC (3)Mg (3)
Boloshy (2/5)Mg (1)EtS (1)MCS (1)Mg (4)
Donskoy (3/6)Mg (3)Bnk (3)DrC (3)Mg (4)
Kiyegov (3/5)Mg (3)Bnk (2)Mg (5)
Melekes (2/6)Mg (2)EtS (1)MCS (1)Mg (5)
Pipryet (2/3)Mg (2)Bnk (2)DrC (2)Mg (3)
Ry'Peski (2/7)Mg (2)EtS (2)MCS (1)Mg (6)
Abbreviations: Mg=The Magian; DRC = Huseti Trosane (Dragon Sea Coster); Bnk =Almighty Temple of Belinik (Gabrend Sontrene); ETS = Church of the Eternal Seas (Cedraine Alghasne); MCS =Sarand Fasir (Merchant Consortium of Suiriene).

  • Law: The Magian controls all the Law in his realm.
  • Temples: Most temples are controled by the Almighty Temple of Belinik.
  • Guilds: The Dragon Sea Coster and the Merchant Consortium of Suiriene compete to control the economy of the Magian's realm.
  • Source: The Magian controls most of the sources in his realm.

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