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The spring equinox is particularly sacred to the followers of Cuiraecen and Sera, the followers of Cuiraecen welcome the storms of spring and consider this day the start of the year, days which are blessed with a thunderstorm are considered the harbingers of a particularly good year by the followers of Cuiraecen, albeit no one else. The followers of Sera celebrate the Day of Rebirth as both the opening of the new trading season and as simply the first day of spring.
Amongst the people of Anuire, the spring solstice is a time for nobles to take stock of their lands and tend to damage suffered by roads, bridges, and the like during the winter, farmers consider what crops they will plant, what animals should be tended, and so on. Celebrations are not uncommon but are generally relatively low key.
Amongst the Rjurik the day is celebrated by all, the hunters set out on the first large hunt of the year, the womenfolk forage for the first edible shoots, and the druids consider what land should be used for farming and which animals should be bred with which in the coming year. In long tradition nomadic Rjurik not otherwise engaged spend the day planting seeds gathered from fruits consumed during the winter in places where they may be harvested in future years.
Another Rjurik tradition is that of visiting friends and companions, travel during winter is all but impossible to all but a druid or ranger and the spring equinox is the first time in the year that many Rjurik can travel to see if friends have survived the winter unharmed. Many Jarls have a practice of sending any surplus left from winter to their outlying people on this day for it is not the way of a true Rjurik Jarl to feast if any of their people go hungry.
Amongst the Vos the day generally goes unnoticed as snow still lies heavily around and the seasons of spring (and for that matter autumn) go mostly unnoticed compared to the long cold winter and the brief respite of summer.
The Khinasi celebrate the spring equinox with street parties and song, the Khinasi winter is mild enough for the Khinasi to suffer little from it, but it is only in spring that the weather truly feels warm to a Khinasi native, and while the summer equinox is simply too hot for anything but languid meals in the shade the spring equinox is the perfect temperature for all to show their wealth in the best manner possible for a Khinasi ? by sponsoring a great feast for their neighbours and so rewarding their friends for their aid and feeding the less fortunate. That many of these street parties descend into debauchery in areas less preoccupied with sayim is ignored by those of noble blood.
The elves celebrate the spring equinox with the Celebration of Light, the dwarves often venture from their halls on this day to review the damage done by winter and consider where best to plant the seeds and tubers they stored the previous autumn and review the situation of those living on the surface of their lands.

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