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The Autumn (fall) equinox is either part of a harvest festival for most cultures or simply ignored by those whose wealth does not come form the land, but the equinox has special significance for followers of Ruornil.
The faithful of Ruornil hold this as their principal holy day. A symbolic sacrifice of magic is made to the earth (often in the form of magic which heals the land of damage or encourages plant growth over the coming year but sometimes the deliberate destruction of a magic item. This symbolizes to the followers of Ruornil the recognition that mebhaighl flows from the world about them and the need for the faithful to guard and protect the land that they may continue to draw upon its strength in future years.
A few centuries ago High Priestess Idele of Haelyn declared that ?the foul rituals of this tainted god include the murder of a scion and the grounding of the scion?s bloodline into the land on this day?. The court of Diemed resurrected these rumors as part of injecting a general anti-Ruornil bias to sermons following the declaration of independence by Medoere.

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