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Rohrmarch is a feudal realm. The king rules, but only with the support of his nobles. Each province is ruled by a noble, who supports lesser nobles and commoners below him. Support from the nobles is critical to the smooth running of the realm. The civil war was largely caused by a division of loyalties among the nobles.

[top]The King?s Council

During the civil war, König Alaric Rohr and Fürst Oden Rohr operate in similar fashion to King Wilhelm Rohr, as both seek to maintain the legitimacy of the previous king. In their respective seats in Oden and Kiedel, both regents continue the institution of the Hofrat, a meeting with the leading nobles of the land. During King Wilhelm?s time, the Hofrat met to vote on taxes and laws. However, financial and military matters dominate discussions during the civil war.


The king determines the tax rates. In theory, the nobles are expected to obey and collect their vassals' taxes and forward to the king. In the past, the Hofrat has served as a lively forum in which nobles pursue their own agenda.


Since the days of Alder I, Rohrmarch has minted its own coinage. The gold Crown, the silver Mark and the copper Hansa. The gold Crown features the Crown of Rohrmarch on the front. The front of the silver Mark shows a split picture of a carpenter and a miner at work. The copper Hansa shows a picture of Castle Oden. The reverse of all the coins shows the visage of Alder I. However, during the civil war, the north was forced by Prince Oden, under the advice of Kurt Warkinde, to reject the old currency and to mint its own. The northern gold Crown shows the crest of Oden on the front. The silver mark has two lightning bolts zigzagging across the front face. The copper Hansa shows two hills with a stream running between them, representing the province of Rohrgaard. The reverse of all the northern coins shows the visage of Oden. Most southerners reject the northern currency and the death of Oden has left great uncertainty among northerners as to the fate of their wealth. The guilds had not objected to Oden?s drive to create a separate currency, merely seeing an opportunity to gain revenue through the exchange rate. The two guildmasters have suggested to the new regent on the need to implement a currency exchange program as part of his drive to unite the land. Of course, they see an opportunity to earn revenue in exchange for their services.

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