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Just as Rohrmarch was divided politically, it is divided by religion as well. The strong support of the two churches on opposing sides of the war has established their influence in the politics of the realm. In the north, the Stormlord Seerbrand maintain a foothold. Even now, priests of Kirche in the north are given much leeway in their conduct, particularly if they ride at the head of a band of marauding soldiers. However, they have been greatly weakened by the death of Prince Oden. The people in the north, weary of war, now look forward to a time of peace and are turning away from Kurt Warkinde?s violent message. While the nobles and the commoners in the north still worship Kirche, they are silently hoping for new leadership in the Stormlord Seerbrand. Unfortunately for them, Warkinde maintains a tight grip on the church and still commands the respect of the rank-and-file.
In the south, the temple of Haelyn?s Warriors tend to the people?s needs. In the same manner as King Alaric, the new regent can count on the support of Delma Fussen. Unlike other churches of Haelyn, Haelyn?s Warriors preaches a simple, more benevolent message. This serves to contrast the church with the Stormlord Seerbrand and is also more appealing to the more independent-minded Brecht of Rohrmarch. In exchange for its support, King Alaric gave large tracts of land to Haelyn?s Warriors, largely in Alklund. In these lands, the church fulfills the duties of a landed lord.

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