Male Anuirean Bard 2/Noble 3

Tainted Bloodline of Basaia, 9

Skills: Craft (Poetry) 8, Diplomacy 7, Perform (Oratory) 10


Reynald Hazeltyne is a knight with a tainted bloodline leading to one of the heroes who stood at Mount Deismaar. In fact, his tainted Basaia bloodline might mean that he's descended from Elinie's line of Khinasi patriarchs.
However, he is a knight of the realm of Dhoesone and a good one. A romantic knight, it is often his duty to protect his lady and to uphold the ideals of the Courts of Love; which were established by Eleanore of Diemed, the second wife of Alandalae the First, the son of Thendiere.
Eleanore, inspired by Laerme, created the Courts of Love, which exist today around most of the realms of Anuire. According to this philosophy, knights who enter the Courts of Love are often trained at a shrine of Laerme and are sworn to uphold Love as their highest virtue.
Reynald did just that. His first love was the Lady Félicie (female Anuirean, Aristocrat 5, Minor bloodline of Anduiras, 17), whom he rescued from a powerful, animalistic awnshegh from the Giantdowns. Although he did not defeat the awnshegh, he rescued the Lady and the both of them were married soon after. However the Lady Félicie was raised in Honeysuckle Abbey among the Sisters of the Bastion of Truth for being a bastard child. So, as their marriage progressed, Reynald soon recognized that the Lady Félicie Hazeltyne did not love him more than she did Haelyn's Bastion of Truth. During Court, Lady Félicie was caught up with court life and did not acknowledge his advances. He had three small children by her (two of which gained the Basaia bloodline).
Being forever the Romantic Knight, Reynald felt his attraction, but not his love, for Félicie die and rekindle for another. Clumine Dhoesone, who sought to be recognized, fired his heart once more and soon started to feel strong feelings of amore for Clumine. He has started to protect her when he can and use small gifts to gain her affection. Clumine has recognized these gifts and returns his affections with admiration.
Recently, he hopes to become her Knight Protector, sworn to love and protect the Lady Clumine from danger. Reynald believes that Clumine is incredibly gorgeous and hopes to have her. Lately, Reynald and Clumine have been meeting in secret. But Reynald feels that it is only a matter of time before his wife, Félicie, finds out. A fact that makes the pursuit all the more exciting for him.

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