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An Athing or Thing, depending on where you are, is an assembly of commoners presided over by a skald who holds the office of lawspeaker, known as a laghman. These assemblies can be found in realms, provinces, and smaller areas. In towns, the thing has been mostly replaced by guild structures, one of the issues which traditionalists have with Rjurik towns. Provincial athings are more important than local ones, and realm athings are more important than provincial ones. On the other hand, the less important athings are held more often to handle more frequent routine problems.
In Rjurik lands, skald characters are described as lawful. The skald has the duty to memorize the law. He is also responsible for the administration at the athing and for the execution of the decisions, and it is his duty to safeguard the rights and liberties of the people and to speak in their behalf to the king or his representative. Skalds work as a judge and formulate the laws that had been decided by the people. This way any new law is consistent with existing law and makes sense when applied along with other laws.
The athing is also the site of religious rites and festivals. The assembly is typically held at a specially designated place, often a field or common, in the same place from meeting to meeting.
During the assembly, a wicker circle is assembled. Nobles and skalds sit inside the circle and hear cases and disputes from the community. The common assembly sits outside the circle, typically on a hill and close around the circle. When a dispute has been explained to the nobles and skalds, one or more offers a settlement, and when all the solutions have been discussed, they are presented to the commons for approval. Those with a case before the assembly enter the circle to make their case.

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