Cerilian magic is based in commanding the vital energies of life, belief, and the living earth itself. The continent possesses great expanses of territory where enchantment lies soft as a child's whisper as well as deep canyons where arcane energy thunders strong and vibrant through the earth. Most people of Cerilia look upon these energies with awe and respect mixed with fear, superstition, and confusion. Only a very few individuals understand the continent's mystical forces, their intricacies and nuances, their place in nature. Fewer still can command these forces channel them into flashing bursts of energy that fill the night sky, form them into crackling bolts of lightning that fell monsters, or fashion them into invisible barriers that keep foes at bay.

[top]Fundamentals of Cerilian magic

The world of Aebrynis teems with magical earthpower. This force, referred to by the elves as mebhaighl (meh-VALE), is the very essence of the living earth. Although many can sense it, few know how to access it. Mages with both the talent and the knowledge can create wonders and terrors with the power the land provides them. Cerilian spellcasters recognize several types of magic that differ in the amount of knowledge and control over mebhaighl that their practitioners must exercise. These types of Cerilian magic include:
  • divine magic
  • greater (or true) arcane magic
  • lesser arcane magic
  • realm magic

[top]Divine magic

Divine magic is the magic wielded by Cerilia's rangers, druids, paladins, and clerics. The ability to channel divine energy is provided by the caster's strength of will and through the channeled might of greater powers. All clerics, druids, and paladins receive their spells from a patron deity. Rangers are unique among divine spellcasters casters in that they do not act as a conduit for the power of a deity, but instead, channel the subtle powers of nature without the aid of a patron deity.

[top]Greater (true) arcane magic

Greater (true) arcane magic is the magic wielded by Cerilia's sorcerers and wizards. The casting of true magic in Cerilia requires the harnessing, mastering, and channeling of mebhaighl. The ability to harness and shape this immense magical essence is a matter of heredity - true mages must be born with the stuff of magic in their veins. This ability is exceedingly rare; only those of elven descent or blooded scions (whose ancestors were touched by the gods) have any hope of mastering the forces of greater magic. True mages are uncommon and many are figures of mystery and destiny.

[top]Lesser arcane magic

Lesser arcane magic is the magic wielded by Cerilia's bards and magicians. Unable (or unwilling) to tap the great energies of the land fully, these arcane spellcasters specialize in the application of the less extravagant powers of the world. Their arcane lore is not based on the channeling of immense natural powers, but rather on the refinement and evocation of a more precise and subtle lore. Any person of sufficient intelligence and training can comprehend lesser magic. Although lesser mages are not capable of evoking balls of roaring fire or turning someone into a toadstool, the subtlety of their art allows them to perform delicate acts of magic for which the immense powers of true magic are not always well suited. Most notably, lesser magicians are capable healers, an effect deemed impossible for practitioners of the true magic. The practice of lesser magic consists principally of the arts of knowing (divination), seeming (illusion), commanding (enchantment), summoning (conjuration (summoning)), and healing (conjuration (healing)). Most lesser mages employ their magics with great care to bring health, wonder, and guidance without inspiring superstitious dread.

[top]Realm magic

Realm magic exceeds the capability of any mortal spell-caster who doesn't have a regent's supernatural connection to the land or its people. Cerilia is a mystical place with ancient ley lines, magical sources, and the spiritual powers of devoted worshippers all available to those who know how to harness them. The power of the magic commanded by a single spell-caster is nothing compared to the power available in a great ancient forest or the heartfelt devotion of hundreds of true believers. The most powerful ritual spells are known as realm magic. Realm spells create exhaustive and extensive greater magics woven from the power of the land itself. Spellcasters can achieve spectacular results by tapping into this power, but only greater spellcasters who control source holdings (such as wizard or sorcerer regents) or temple holdings (such as cleric or druid regents) can do so without destroying themselves.

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