Se˛ras of the Crystal Staff

DiemedSe˛ras Bhailie

Se˛ras Bhailie was know to the world as Se˛ras of the Crystal Staff. He had a source domain in western Avanil and Diemed. He was involved in a rivalry with Lucien of the Seven Stars.
As a devoted follower of Ruornil, Se˛ras was a specialist in the Shadow World. Like his patron, he was heavily engaged in the war against the Shadow. He defeated Black Gaelin of the Skull in a battle that took place in both the Daylight World and the Shadow World. Black Gaelin was a necromancer who had made a pact with a dark power across the evanescence. He had been sending undead armies against the Duke of Diemed. Many feared that Black Gaelin hoped to usurp the Duchy. Responding to Black Gaelin, Ruornil's Celestial Spell came to the defense of the duchy for what ended being the last time.
Black Gaelin of the Skull cast a Legion of Death and summoned an undead army from the Shadow World. He hired two mercenary companies and his army met the Duke's near Tierel in Tier. As Black Gaelin's mercenaries fell in battle, he animated them to continue the fight. Much of the course of the battle consisted of the infantry holding off the undead while either the knights of Diemed or the priests of the Celestial Spell smashed the undead. Meanwhile, Se˛ras of the Crystal Staff tried to lead an attack directly on Black Gaelin. As the battle turned against the necromancer, he fled into the Shadow World. Se˛ras pursued him. What occurred there is not widely known, though Se˛ras is supposed to have written an account of it. Se˛ras returned with the dead body of Black Gaelin. The body was given to the priests of the Celestial Spell who warded it against the pacts made by Black Gaelin and attempted to purify it of the taints that might have caused the corpse to spontaneously animate as a ghoul or lich in the service of the dark powers that Black Gaelin had served in life.
Se˛ras' later ventures in the Shadow World were much less dire, and he formed friendships with fey inhabitants of the Shadow World who occupied the so-called Faerie realm. After this point, Se˛ras' magic began to change as he appears to have learned fey magic. His personality changed and he became much more of a trickster, using illusions and charms in ways he never had before. Some even say that his divine patronage switched from Ruornil to EloÚle, and several mysterious trips to Mieres serve to confirm suspicions of this.
Later in his life he was forced to defend his holdings in western Avanil by the alliance of Veladin Avan and Lucien of the Seven Stars. With Veladin's help, Lucien was able to capture control of the sources west of the River Maesil. When this war of sources ended with the Compact of Moerel, Se˛ras of the Crystal Staff retired. He journeyed off into the Shadow World to live among the faeries. He invested his daughter, Hermedhie, with his domain.

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