Isle of the Serpent

The Isle of the Serpent, located off the south coast of the Khinasi continent and between the islands of Ghamoura and Suiriene, is the home to one of the greatest (and possibly most isolationist) awnsheghlien: the Serpent. The Serpent claims to be of pure-blood Masetian royalty and his island home is the last refuge of the dying Masetian people.
Like the other isles of the Ajari Deeps, this island enjoys a warm, rainy climate. Its mountainous terrain boasts both dense forest and impassable gorges. The island is littered with ruins of the Masetians who lived here 20 centuries ago, but the Serpent has ordered that no one tamper with them.
The awnshegh's subjects remain the last living Masetians, although their blood has mixed with that of Basarji. Only about 5% of the island inhabitants can consider themselves full-blooded Masetians; another 30% to 40% derives from mixed ancestry. Many features of Masetian culture - architecture, language, and institutions of justice - remain on the isle. Unfortunately, the awnshegh's pervasive influence has distorted this ancient culture to a mere mockery of the original.
Most of the island's people consider their regent a divinity and follow his dictates with zealous fervor. The priests' enforcement of the Serpent's laws can prove extreme at times.

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