NOTE: There are many, many categories in use in BRWiki and these are only an out-of-date subset. Hopefully some team of users will take up the project of updating this page and/or breaking it up into multiple pages, if needed.


Welcome to the categories page. This is a manually-updated list of the current categories being used by the project. If you add a new category, please add it in here too.
Please try to keep the number of categories down, particularly at the top level.
If any one category starts getting more than about 30 entries, its probably time to look at creating sub-categories for it. Conversely if a category only contains a few pages, its probably not worth having.
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Below are a selection of categories with descriptions of how they should be used.

To see all the proposed categories in the plan to be used in [[BRWiki]], see {{cats4all}}.


This category covers all pages which are designed to help people doing any editing work.


A selection of pages providing a common layout framework for similar pages. For example, all of the Class pages or all of the Adventure pages use a common template. Templates provides a summary of what they are each for, or just browse the Boilerplates for an alphabetical listing.


This category covers all the gameplay related articles. It is primarily designed to allow separation from the UI and Editing pages. Very few articles should actually appear here - rather, its a high level category to contain the additional, lower level categories below.



Class-based information fits under this category. Additional sub-categories exist for each class. Some fairly high-level class data is categorized under the generic Classes category as well as its base class category, but the more specific items such as spell lists, talents etc are only located under their class. Similarly advice on playing a class, inclusion of a class in a Birthright Campaign, etc are included in the relevant class category




Information on the individual races. As there aren't many race-specific pages everything just fits in directly under this category.

Examples: Cerilian Languages, Racial Traits, Sidhe Culture



Information for Newbies. Note that this will often overlap with other areas such as Classes or Professions - pages can have multiple categories. Add anything here that a newbie is likely to need early on.

Examples: Starting a Birthright Campaign, Newbie Guide

[top]Game Terms

Game Terms

Pages which describe any terminology; this may include generic RPG terms, BR-specific words, or anything which would fit into a Glossary type section.

Examples: Attributes



Pages describing the cities, inns, enchanted glades etc that can be found in birthright.

Examples: Danigau, Roesone



Pages that detail quests.

Example: Kgauck/Njalgrim's doom

Template: Adventure Template

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