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Arms of HaesrienArms of Haesrien

The courtly, well-educated, and worldly scions of House Haesrien believe themselves central figures of Haes politics. Montros the eldest brother, controls the house as its patriarch. Shrunken and hardened by age, he appears at once fragile and powerful. Between his impeccable demeanor and theatrical voice he maintains a commanding presence at court.
Yet his brother Braedon's eldest daughter creates the most impact on Haes. Upon Braedon's retirement, Merraele (FAn; Rog 7; Vo, minor 18) assumed his duties as ambassador to Alamie. While no-one expected her to do anything but avoid offending Carilon Alam, she has actually managed to develop a civil (if not friendly) relationship with the prime enemy of Tuornen. Yet jealousy of her success - or suspicion of it - has prompted many among the court to voice concern that Merraele is perhaps too successful in her work. How can one credit her knowledge of Alam's military placements ? Has she traded secrets in return? Could she compromise the security of Tuornen? Or is she an artful manipulator who could prove a potent enemy against Alamie ? whatever her motives, Merraele?s talents as a spy have been invaluable to Tuornen in her five years of service.

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